Muy Interesante

Published November 6th, 2006 by Bobby Henderson

The Flying Spaghetti Monster made the cover of Muy Interesante, a popular spanish science magazine. I have no idea what the article says, but here it is:
muy_cover.jpg muy2.jpg muy3.jpg

Here are some higher quality images, if you want to try to read the article:
muyhq1.jpg muyhq2.jpg
muy4.jpg muy5.jpg muy6.jpg

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  1. Carmen Zepp says:

    Wow, that is Muy Interesante, indeed!

    Whatever that is.

  2. Max Globs says:

    Tight. I’d translate it, but it takes me forever to do so. I’ve only been taking the language for two years

  3. lunchlady says:

    Very Interesting! I am going to get a copy for my spanish-speaking Unitarian-Pastafarian friend – if I can find one somewhere.

  4. lunchlady says:

    I do wish there was a place to post pictures for those of us who dressed like pirates and preached the FSM gospel on Halloween – kinda like the pumpkin contest but without it being a contest…

  5. tuxedo says:

    not even joking, im a spanish-speaking unitarian-pastafarian. (3 years of high school spanish). you found one.

  6. Branded Cow says:

    We now have a bilingual religion.

  7. Aldeano says:

    The article talks about the intelligent design. Our lord FSM isn’t citated in any part of the article, only in the picture.

    A proudly FSM believer from Chile

  8. Grassbur says:

    More specifically, the article pokes fun at Intelligent Design, and uses the FSM picture as an example of how stupid ID is. I particularly like the cartoon where the warthog is telling the ‘God-dude,’ “Hey! Mr. Intelligent Designer! I’d really like to talk with you!”

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