in your “about” section

Published November 7th, 2006 by Bobby Henderson

In your “About” section, it says “even by it’s opponents.”  I just
wanted to point out that “it’s” is a contraction for “it is,” and not
the possessive form of “it.”  You should say “even by its opponents.”

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  1. triple a says:

    I dont beleive that this should be put in the hate-mail section, a bit to ah how to put this eloquent and obsenity-less, I mean arent we the ones who are supose to have perfet grammer, maybe a constructive critism section should be added


  2. Max Globs says:

    This is the “Hate Mail and Concerned Criticism” section, dummy

  3. Quolnok says:

    If you want it to be possessive, it’s just “I-T-S.”
    But, if it’s supposed to be a contraction then it’s “I-T-apostrophe-S,”
    scalawag.” – Strong Bad

  4. I.Q says:

    so i was just wondering what has to be right with all of you who waste you time making fun of religons and god. Why can’t just keep your little stupid religion to youeselves.Half of you don’t even belive in this religon you just think it’s fun. why don’t you just learn more about religons. All of you are idiots that keep to themselves outside the web or hanicaps who don’t really know what they are doing. I belive in a religon and i do know more about it than most people. so hwy don’t you

  5. Jon888 says:

    I.Q. read the letter and learn what FSMism is actually about. Here at VT FSMism is a growing movement and many of the freshman engineers here agree with what bobby is trying to say. and your argument that all Pastafarians dont believe in a god is wrong. And despite all your logic flaws, FSMism is proven with the graph of declining pirates and global warming, get your facts straight

  6. One Eyed Jack says:

    How can you possibly know what I believe? My faith is something you can’t possibly understand. It is a personal relationship between me and my pasta that transcends logic. I am deeply offended that you question my faith.
    In response to “Why can’t just keep your little stupid religion to youeselves.” Well, I was doing just that. You came here.
    Don’t cheese on my sauce and I won’t piss on your cross… or your star, or your crescent, or your ankh, or your pentagram (pick an appropriate one).

  7. Branded Cow says:

    The odd thing about this is that we put so much importance on grammer yet how many pirates could read or write. Not too many of them I would imagine, and even less with perfect grammer.

  8. Rabbit says:

    if we’re wasteing our time here, what are you doing? you must have read a fair few of the threads to think all we do is make fun of other religions, mostly it’s the fundamentalists (any one else notice that mental is at the centre of fundamentalism?) we make fun of, that and the stories if they were to be taken literally.

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