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Published November 7th, 2006 by Bobby Henderson

In your “About” section, it says “even by it’s opponents.”  I just
wanted to point out that “it’s” is a contraction for “it is,” and not
the possessive form of “it.”  You should say “even by its opponents.”

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  1. Mad John Kidd says:

    After a series of doctors and specialists, I was diangosed with a condition known as ‘Hemicrania continua’ which basically means I suffered from a constant headache in the right half of my brain. This was not a migrane. It was not dibillitating, just extremely annoying. Simple analgesics had no effect, so they put me on several different medications which made me feel worse. Finally I said enough! I got off the stuff and have felt much better ever since. So, i’m not real big on medications anymore. Now, I simply resort to a pint or two or….


    But for that family to drag that kid around is irresponsibly ignorrant. Not only have they endangered the child, but risked infecting two continents, as well! Maybe they were genetically challenged or something.



  2. nikkiee says:

    I was going to call it pig principles, but I didn’t want ti insult the four legged kind.

  3. Tom Cruisey says:

    Scientologists, take heart. Where you have been told that Xenu was evil, and that Thetans are a problem, hearken! We believe that L. Ron saw a lot of really true stuff. But he was just a little bit wrong about Xenu. Xenu is our leader. And Thetans are here to help, not to hurt.
    Thetans are your best friends. Establishing a relationship with your Thetans is our main goal. It is because we believe that the Thetans are purposeful and positive. L. Ron got that part all wrong.
    Xenu loves us. Xenu wants the best for us all. L. Ron identified Xenu as a master leader, and all Xenuists are forever indebted to L. Ron for that, but the Thetans are not our enemies, no matter what they tell you. Embrace your Thetans. Actually, the more Thetans you have, the better off you will be once you learn to co-exist with them.

  4. J says:

  5. Marcus Marinara says:

    I have a couple of choice oars for Scientologists. That has to be one of the stupidest cults to come down the pike. It almost trumps the Mormons.

  6. Bobby's last reply says:

    I swear to God , before God, about God,
    and if you irk me one more time.

  7. anony says:

    “it’s” only stands for “it is”

    for a possessive form of “it”, you do not add a contraction, it would just be “its”

    It would not be, “The dog found it’s bone,” because that would read “The dog found it is bone.” It would written “The dog found its bone.” Go back to grammar school. The possessive form of it has no contraction.

  8. Penne says:

    Maybe Tom would be a happier person if he got some silicone Thetans,then he could embrace them in the privacy of his own home.P.S.,Marcus Marinara,no one trumps the Mormons.

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