i’m sure i won’t get a response to this for a while

Published November 7th, 2006 by Bobby Henderson
i’m sure i won’t get a response to this for a while, seeing as you are quite a busy man.
but honestly, where are your facts and such. i thought that this was certainly a mind game. i mean, wouldn’t you just be a hypocrite if it weren’t? i’m not criticizing you, i’d just honestly like to know.
if the fsm is really an idea just to show people how absolutely outlandish and insane they are, then i admire your work.
but if you truly believe a spaghetti monster is your god above all things, then i’m afraid i’d find you to be just as crazy as all the other people in this world living their life according to rules and standards that they have no real grasp of.
you’re either brilliant, or maybe just a complete ass.
again, i’m not criticizing you, i’m just very very intrigued by this whole thing.
thanks, and have a phenomenal day.


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  1. Scion of la Pasta says:

    Watching Borat will make everything perfectly clear.
    And if G(fsm)D Wasnt real then why do the true belivers find free meatballs under their pillow every night.(or is that just me!?!).
    or you could watch Dogma, that is pretty clear.

  2. Penne says:

    Don’t eat them! It could be that ‘spaghettitasteslikeshit’ guy’s dog,leaving presents for you.

  3. Coleoptera says:

    I have seen squid ink fettuccine on menus before.

  4. gill says:

    Borat…good movie right there.

  5. TRIX says:

    Borat made me laugh so hard, I cried. If you are not easily offended, or even if you are easily offended, go seer borat. You will be hurting after because it’s so funny.

  6. 13 says:

    Who are the unlucky people who have to be the strippers? just wondered. And are their male strippers? *shudder*. EW. And if not its sexist. dam…err i mean ‘non touched by noodles’ either way.

    What if ur also beer intolerant? will their be sparkling grapejuice volcanos?

    And then theirs the grain intolerant people.

    Oh well im sure its all part of His plan.

  7. 13 says:

    I had a dream in which I was eating pasta but when I bit into the meatball there was something hard inside. I looked and it was a human tooth. The meatball-teeth assembles into a small mouth and ate all my pasta, but they left the parmesian sprinkles in the bowl.

    Can someone interpret this for me? I think its a sign.

  8. gill says:

    @TRIX– The whole reason Borat’s so great is that it shows how stupid the steryotypes–and some of my fellow Americans!–are. Honestly, it’s great….if a little disturbing at times, haha.

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