i’m sure i won’t get a response to this for a while

Published November 7th, 2006 by Bobby Henderson
i’m sure i won’t get a response to this for a while, seeing as you are quite a busy man.
but honestly, where are your facts and such. i thought that this was certainly a mind game. i mean, wouldn’t you just be a hypocrite if it weren’t? i’m not criticizing you, i’d just honestly like to know.
if the fsm is really an idea just to show people how absolutely outlandish and insane they are, then i admire your work.
but if you truly believe a spaghetti monster is your god above all things, then i’m afraid i’d find you to be just as crazy as all the other people in this world living their life according to rules and standards that they have no real grasp of.
you’re either brilliant, or maybe just a complete ass.
again, i’m not criticizing you, i’m just very very intrigued by this whole thing.
thanks, and have a phenomenal day.


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  1. Duke says:

    “128 Responses to “i’m sure i won’t get a response to this for a while””

    Classic. Beautiful, wonderful.


  2. PLC says:

    Sarah, I would like to dribble spaghetti sauce all over you and waggle my noodle in it. May you be visited by the FSM and see the true light.

  3. Bobby's last reply says:

    Well at least you did not get called Charlie Brown, you blockhead!

  4. Bobby's last reply says:

    Look at the bright side if you can find one. My cat does not even pretend to like the dog down the street or this other cat who sits on the grill. She makes no bones about having to try only because we stop her from doing so. NOPE

  5. Bobby's last reply says:

    You all be very good and I will stay on here, if not, I will tell God that you decided to be a pain. Got it? I am not here for your amusement buddies. You want drama? You want proof of the end days? You want proof that Mary and Joseph were really given this task? I will present it to you and you will gasp! Heaven knows folks and so do I.

  6. Bobby's last reply says:

    Statues of Mary weep tears of blood. I prayed for this sign to you. This is no Divinci Code crap. They are full of it.
    I know the truth behind the miracles. I do! I was born answering that I am Mary and later, still in diapers, told my mother, you have named me Catherine but I am Mary sent back by God. Hey, jerks, you were not there. Yes, I was too.

  7. Bobby's last reply says:

    So take this in your pipes and smoke it. Hey, I want to meet the guy who makes the 10 13 movies and says I made this in a cute little guy’s voice. I am 13. If you can count, count the letters in the English alphabet…13 lands on the letter M. A sign to my people. I was born on the 13th in a prophecy that was SHOWN to the real believers of Christ. So don’t even go there with me, yes, the world is still evil and there is lots of work to be done to help it from itself.
    Now, anyone who wants to shoot the shit with me, you can go on with your bad selves.

  8. Bobby's last reply says:

    So, go to the the real religion site. Those who balk at the way religion has been before, I want you to realize that GOD is not the reason it went bad. Call 1 800 263 8160 it is a toll free number. You want answers? Learn how to ask the right question first! Like you could ask yourselves, is there really a God? What would make you know there is? I invite you to go to the site where proof of it is there.
    Lady of Fatima

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