i’m sure i won’t get a response to this for a while

Published November 7th, 2006 by Bobby Henderson
i’m sure i won’t get a response to this for a while, seeing as you are quite a busy man.
but honestly, where are your facts and such. i thought that this was certainly a mind game. i mean, wouldn’t you just be a hypocrite if it weren’t? i’m not criticizing you, i’d just honestly like to know.
if the fsm is really an idea just to show people how absolutely outlandish and insane they are, then i admire your work.
but if you truly believe a spaghetti monster is your god above all things, then i’m afraid i’d find you to be just as crazy as all the other people in this world living their life according to rules and standards that they have no real grasp of.
you’re either brilliant, or maybe just a complete ass.
again, i’m not criticizing you, i’m just very very intrigued by this whole thing.
thanks, and have a phenomenal day.


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  1. CaffeineBoy says:

    i can’t beleive people coming here saying “where are your facts?”… when there is clearly much more evidence of a flying spaghetti monster than any other “god” you can think of. the evidence is right there whenever you eat a bowl of spaghetti!

    Sure, one could argue that christianity is more valid, because more people beleive in it but where’s the evidence? The shroud of Turin was nothing but a medieval hoax…


  2. Peter Popoff says:

    Dude, it may not matter? I don’t know?
    But I eat my ‘pshgetti, off a plate.

  3. tha beast from tha east says:

    It’s easy, the meatball represents a testicle… the tooth inside represents either pain or a mouth, therefore, you will soon have testicular cancer, or get a blow job… the parmasean sprinkles suggest that the fsm has ordered you to be a cheese-maker, for that is His bidding… He works in mysterious ways… of course, if you are not a dude, the interpretation is up 2 u (the cheese-maker part still applies)

  4. pheer6224 says:

    Please, heed this message and become pastafarians, because our intentions are humorously serious.

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