I dont want this to sound rude

Published November 9th, 2006 by Bobby Henderson

I don’t want this to sound rude. With email it is easy to misinterpret what and how things are said. I just want the facts. How do Pastafarians justify a object (such as spaghetti) which is made by man, having the power to create man. It seems like whatever started the world would have to be around before the world began. And spaghetti wasn’t made till sometime after they figured out how to brown ground beef and put tomato sauce over the beef and noodles. Is there some explanation of how the Spaghetti Monster was here before the rest of us? Again, I’m not trying to say the Pastafarian religion is wrong, I just want the facts so that I can understand. Thanks.


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  1. Penne says:

    -social intercourse- cool

  2. Penne says:

    PS,I still belive in Santa,I just know now that he’s not so much a jolly old fat man as he is a busty blonde with a thing for rude jokes,pirates and rum,…….lots of rum.

  3. nikkiee says:

    “…..Now with the naturalistic axiom they can go by blind faith that everything has a naturalistic explanation…..”

    Hmm….you don’t seem to much idea as to how scientific research is conducted and then verified.
    “All a big scam so they can cash in on the big grant money……”
    You were told that information in confidence!!!!

  4. Penne says:

    if god is all powerful and all knowing he could be anything from anytime or place that he wants to be.

  5. Penne says:

    And inspire poems: Billboard billboard burning bright-in my windshield every night, Lead me to a decent joint where I can stop and get a bite.

  6. Penne says:

    pasta burgers

  7. Penne says:

    and saucy shakes

  8. Davey Jones' Slacker says:

    Hello everyone, I’ve had a bitch of a week so I won’t be saying much (for a pleasant change).
    *stares long and hard @ jaapdurand*
    No, it wouldn’t be fair to take it all out on you, now would it? I won’t even start.
    Instead, I’ll just quote the late, great Linda Smith:
    “If God had meant for us to believe in him, he’d exist!”

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