I dont want this to sound rude

Published November 9th, 2006 by Bobby Henderson

I don’t want this to sound rude. With email it is easy to misinterpret what and how things are said. I just want the facts. How do Pastafarians justify a object (such as spaghetti) which is made by man, having the power to create man. It seems like whatever started the world would have to be around before the world began. And spaghetti wasn’t made till sometime after they figured out how to brown ground beef and put tomato sauce over the beef and noodles. Is there some explanation of how the Spaghetti Monster was here before the rest of us? Again, I’m not trying to say the Pastafarian religion is wrong, I just want the facts so that I can understand. Thanks.


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  1. Mad John Kidd says:


    Since “the egg” has been used as a successful survival strategy for millions of years by an ancestral species of “the chicken”, it can be argued that the egg came first. However, if you are referring to “chicken eggs”, then it can be argued that the chicken had to exist before it could lay the egg. The paradox is based on the ambiguity of the question, not a lack of scientific understanding.


  2. Jordan says:

    I was once a follower of the FSM. That was so yesterday (literally). Seeing everyone’s response, i realize you are all heathens. The One True God is the Flying French Fry Monster, and his blessed son Tater Tot (who gave his oil-soaked life to cleanse your body). Anyone who disagrees will find themselves on the receiving end of a delicate poke to the eye from a trans-fat fried, crispy tentacle of enlightenment and love.

    yours truly and in brotherly starchiness

  3. dude says:

    Umm… dudes. Whoever actually believes these people really believe in this “flying spaghetti monster” must be an idiot. it’s just a parody religion. sort of a big joke. most of these people who act like they believe in it are being sarcastic, give or take a few actual demented weirdos who probably actually believe it.
    i think it’s just an alternative religion for those who think the standard ones aren’t cutting it or are too far-fetched (not that this isn’t lol)

  4. Booty says:

    It isn’t an alternative for those who think the standard ones aren’t cutting it or are too far fetched – it is a protest against teaching ID in schools!
    Go read the open letter :)

  5. Black Tom Rackham says:

    One key thing you seem not to understand about spaghetti is that it is in reference to the type of pasta, not including the tomato sauce or ground beef accompaniments you reference. So the creation of spaghetti was actually far earlier than you realise.

  6. Knigel the Terrible says:

    Let it be known that He created Pasta in His own image. Furthermore in His great mercy He did show unto us that we might make Pasta for ourselves and thrive. Thus when you eat of the Pasta you eat the symbolic body of the Lord. When you eat of the Tomato Sauce which He did also reveal unto us you drink the symbolic Blood of the Lord. As Sophia Loren so famously said: “I owe everything to Pasta.” So do you, my brother.

  7. Julie says:

    I beleive that he chose the form of pasta because it has to be the easiest thing for the human race to make. when i was 4 i could make pasta. He was just trying to make life easier for us, being the kind god He is.


  8. Deryk with a Y says:

    As the others have stated, we have faith in Him the Awesometastic FSM. My question is not how a pasta-like being could create the world, when in fact pasta was invented by the incessant Italian. But instead my question is how can God have the visage of a man, when was not given birth to by both man and woman to possess a corporeal body that lends its appearance to homosapien? I do not mean to criticize you dear Stephanie, but I too wish know you’re explanation to give credence to belief that God came before Man. As for we Pastafarians, we have faith. I pray that you too convert to our ideas and receive the full Noodliness of the Flying Spaghetti Monster. RAmen….

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