I dont want this to sound rude

Published November 9th, 2006 by Bobby Henderson

I don’t want this to sound rude. With email it is easy to misinterpret what and how things are said. I just want the facts. How do Pastafarians justify a object (such as spaghetti) which is made by man, having the power to create man. It seems like whatever started the world would have to be around before the world began. And spaghetti wasn’t made till sometime after they figured out how to brown ground beef and put tomato sauce over the beef and noodles. Is there some explanation of how the Spaghetti Monster was here before the rest of us? Again, I’m not trying to say the Pastafarian religion is wrong, I just want the facts so that I can understand. Thanks.


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  1. J says:

    Hi, Stephanie – if you’re here to read this,
    You’ve spotted the logic of Pastafarianism very nicely.
    Pastafarians, much like seagoing, grog-loving versions of the Dungeon Master, would be tempted to answer you with a question. This question:
    ‘How do Christians justify a object (such as God) which is made by man, having the power to create man? It seems like whatever started the world would have to be around before the world began. And God wasn’t invented till sometime after human beings had spent millions upon millions of years evolving (as testified by the mountains of evidence compiled by generations of scientists for well over a century – several centuries, in fact, depending on how you look at it), started living together in groups and begun writing down their ideas about the world and how to get along together. Is there some explanation of how God – a being too complex for us to adequately imagine – was here before the rest of us, since it took us eons to evolve to our state of relative simplicity? We’re not trying to say the Christian, Muslim, Jewish and other religions are all wrong – just that, looking at the facts, they almost certainly are.’
    Pastafarianism is based on the same logic as all of those religions. It’s just a bit easier to see with Pastafarianism.
    You didn’t sound rude at all, by the way. In fact, you’re polite enough to make a good pirate. Jump aboard and grab some grog, ye fair an’ buxom wench!

  2. Marcus Marinara says:

    I do not know how the FSM created the world before pasta was invented. I just have faith that it is so. I do not question his Noodley wonders but blindly obey.

  3. Tedlick says:

    Um… Aren’t we discussing the one true religion here? It relies on FAITH in what we know to be fact, not FACTS!

    His way is NOT for our minds to conceive!

    May ye be blessed by his Noodly Appendage… Arrrr…

  4. Nick2 says:

    Facts are for noobs. Are you a noob, Stephanie? Well, are you?

  5. jaapdurand says:

    Hi Stephanie,

    Sorry to tell you that as you can see pastafarians can’t answer your question since atheist has only ridivule and no revelation.

  6. J says:

    @ jaapdurand,
    Firstly, being merely an ignorant atheist/Pastafarian, I haven’t the first clue as to what ‘ridivule’ is.
    Secondly, we *do* have revelation. The FSM has revealed Himself to us. Prove that he hasn’t.
    Thirdly and finally: if you prefer a different challenge, prove that the god of *any* other religion *has* made a revelation. If your revelation can be shown in any rational, meaningful and significant way to be superior to that of the FSM, and if you can show the religion of that revelation not to fall foul of the same logical short-circuit inherent in Pastafarianism (as outlined by Stephanie and detailed by me in the first response above – which, incidentally, contains neither ridicule or ridivule) then I’ll eat your hat. (Pirate hats are a bit chewy.)

  7. Zok says:


    You seem to misunderstand the truth of pasta. In the beginning, our worldly pastas were made in His image through those that have been touched by His noodly appendage.

    I will pray that you are also touched by His noodly appendage and be able to fully understand the truth of creation.


  8. One Eyed Jack says:

    “Pirate hats are a bit chewy.”
    Best served soaked in rum.

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