I dont want this to sound rude

Published November 9th, 2006 by Bobby Henderson

I don’t want this to sound rude. With email it is easy to misinterpret what and how things are said. I just want the facts. How do Pastafarians justify a object (such as spaghetti) which is made by man, having the power to create man. It seems like whatever started the world would have to be around before the world began. And spaghetti wasn’t made till sometime after they figured out how to brown ground beef and put tomato sauce over the beef and noodles. Is there some explanation of how the Spaghetti Monster was here before the rest of us? Again, I’m not trying to say the Pastafarian religion is wrong, I just want the facts so that I can understand. Thanks.


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  1. Edi_bOMB says:

    People make “god” images without knowing how he looks like….so you are relating jesus with an image you just made yourselfs….and pastafarians can’t say their god is or looks like spaghetti ???…that’s not pretty fair you know…
    every religion has some wacked up shit…yours too, get over it…
    pastafarians just got late, that’s all…

  2. maxwell says:

    Dear, dear, Stephanie
    I’ll try to explain this to you, but I don’t think you will get it. Here we go; If you need to point out that man created spaghetti, and browned, ground meat, then you are caught in what we call the “oriental mind trap”. It is like the finger trap toy. Put a finger in each end, and the harder you try to get loose, the tighter the trap gets. If you are consumed by trying to understand how a man-made thing invented man, the harder you struggle, the tighter the squeeze on your brain. No amount of ‘splainin’ will free you. Just accept that you are lower-powered in the intellect department than most invertebrates. Pastafarianism is a parody. It points out, thru satire, how stupid organized religion (and it’s believers) can be. Christians claim their religion is right, and all others are wrong. Fundies claim that some unseen, all-knowing being created everything out of nothing, and has nothing better to do than communicate to us thru some stupid book written 2000 years ago, and punish us with damnation to hell if we don’t believe in him. God apparently has appointed Jim Bakker, Jimmy Swaggart, Pat Robertson, Jerry Falwell etc to speak for him on tv. Good choice(s). Gimme a break.

  3. Wench Nikkiee says:

    @maxwell Mar 7th, 2007 at 7:50 pm
    Hi maxwell :) Haven’t seen your posts around for a while.

  4. joe says:

    OK, so this is a polite post so I will refrain form shouting.
    A) Yes it is easy to mis-understand E-talk
    B) How do christians justify something man invented- i.e. an all-powerful god- creating the world.
    NB I am not disputing the existance of god, i am just disputing the fact that he is any more than:
    i) Deist.
    ii) Not omnipotent, omnpresent or omniscient.
    iii) Gives an [M] about what happens to man.

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  6. Gaara the Pirate says:

    think of it this way how can christans justify fighting wars and killing people who don’t belive in christianity when thier own religion ays that violence is wrong.

  7. pheer6224 says:

    A worthy poster indeed. All who raise themselves against blaspheming his holiness shall be welcomed by my faith.

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