The Flying Spaghetti Monster Holiday Pageant

Published November 30th, 2006 by Bobby Henderson


The Hunger Artists Theatre Company in Fullerton, California, is putting on the first ever Flying Spaghetti Monster Holiday Pageant this year, December 1 – 17, 2006.

An original comedy, just in time for Christmas, that celebrates the twisted and hilarious history of the new religious phenomenon, Flying Spaghetti Monsterism.

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More details are available at the Hunger Artists website here. You can reserve your tickets online.

The trailer:


71 Responses to “The Flying Spaghetti Monster Holiday Pageant”

  1. Penne says:

    And hungry. It looks really cool rocky. Break a peg leg.

  2. Joe SMASH! says:

    Check out what the opening night audiences had to say:


  3. Parmesan the Greated says:

    blessed be thy noodly one and all his peoples I AM GOING TO THE SHOW AND I’M BRINGING GARLIC BREAD!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Deckhand 014 says:

    Ye know, the thing I remember most about Christmas last year was how much it SUCKED because o’ the fuss “Christians” were making over the whole “happy holdays/Merry christmas” thing, where they were upset that stores were sayin’ Happy Holidays instead of Merry Christmas. I’ll be passin’ the link to this preview around this year as a big ole piratey middle-finger to them what ruined me holidays. ARRR!

  5. Left Out Front » Blog Archive » If You Must Shop says:

    […] Flying Spaghetti Monster emblem from Evolve Fish. Nothing says, “I am in a world of my own” like the noodly appendage on your car. I keep buying this for my car and end up giving them away to people who deserve them at least as much as I do. I sure wish my so-called church had chosen to put on a Flying Spaghetti Monster Holiday Pageant rather than a completely predictable display of religion that so few of the children will be able to relate to in any way. […]

  6. S.S. In Flames says:

    Sounds like it’s more fun than Lord of the Rings & Wisconsin put together.

  7. klsfdajkldskjafl says:

    what is the spageti monster

  8. Antón Campos PDM » Blog Archive » Sed buenos, pequeños says:

    […] No me quiero despedir sin desearos una felices vacaciones más o menos paganas ^^ (visto donde Rinzewind): […]

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