The Flying Spaghetti Monster Holiday Pageant

Published November 30th, 2006 by Bobby Henderson


The Hunger Artists Theatre Company in Fullerton, California, is putting on the first ever Flying Spaghetti Monster Holiday Pageant this year, December 1 – 17, 2006.

An original comedy, just in time for Christmas, that celebrates the twisted and hilarious history of the new religious phenomenon, Flying Spaghetti Monsterism.

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More details are available at the Hunger Artists website here. You can reserve your tickets online.

The trailer:


71 Responses to “The Flying Spaghetti Monster Holiday Pageant”

  1. Saucy Sieve says:

    As an actor, I’m overjoyed. As a Pastafarian, I’m overwhelmed by the love that He is spreading through His Noodly Appendage. What better way to proselytize than through the majesty of dramatic art!

    Ohh, I wish many blessings from Our Noodly Saviour upon the Hunger Artists Theatre Company, and I pray to Him that He will send me a pirate ship so that I may tack against the wind from Toronto all the way to the mystical, sun-soaked shores of California.


  2. Jon E says:

    Darn! Why do you have to be doing this so far away from me. We need a UK tour!!! Then us brits can have the fun of watching Christian Voice coming out to protest against us. Yes we have Fundis who go out and protest as well, though ours are really just a bit pathetic.

  3. Rabbit says:

    If you can get them to go on tour in America, I’m sure it wouldn’t take too much persuading to get them to cross the Atlantic, and they’ll get to Ireland first, probably won’t have religious protests to laugh about after, but then, there is always the sacred beer drinking to celebrate…

  4. Jon E says:

    If they want sacred beer drinking then York is only a short drive from Tadcaster and numerous breweries. York also has it’s own brewery.

    I do hope I’m not counted as some sort of heretic for ot being that fond of beer. I prefer my alcohol without all the extra water. Whiskey, Vodka, Tequila and Rum are my favourite tipples.

  5. Homo narrans says:

    “Yes we have Fundis who go out and protest as well, though ours are really just a bit pathetic.”
    tell me about it. the other week i encountered some guy not far from my university with a microphone, shouting that the earth is going to hell and you’d better get saved soon. a while before that there was some homeless guy with a bilboard proclaiming “Sex Before Marriage = Hell After Death”.
    but yeah, compared to the americans, our fundies are a bit pathetic. we could definitely use an FSM performing arts tour over here, though.

  6. Jon E says:

    Yeah, I think they would make many converts to the wholey pasta.

    As much as some fundis are trying in this country the attitude to religion, just like the one to politicians, is so cynical that I doubt that they are ever going to manage much in the way of popularity here. They’ll just be a bunch of loud mouths who have to bully people to get people to do what they want.

    Have you followed the BA cross thing? How long before the church feels a backlash from basically having said “Do what we want or we’re going to hurt your business”?

    The church in this country lost my respect a very long time ago. As mentioned, I live in York and the Minster here is in continious need of repair and they are always asking for more money. What they fail to mention is that the rates for a lot of the shops in York don’t go to the council, but directly to the Minster and those rates are some of the highest shop rates of any in the country. The CoE is also one of the biggest land owners in the country and has no problem with bullying smaller land owners.

  7. Johnny Corvette says:

    It’s like the Hill Cumorah Pageant – For Pastafaria!!

  8. Jingles says:

    Oh FSM… a big glowing jeebus on a hill… and people go to these things when they AREN’T on drugs?
    Makes you think really, doesn’t it?

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