FSM Preacher

Published November 20th, 2006 by Bobby Henderson


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  1. Penne says:

    Religion itself isn’t bad,no, but there are a lot of out-dated, and by todays standards,offencive rules and ideas in many of them, that the people on this site(me too) just don’t like . I myself have only been comming her a few weeks and already I am tired of seeing the crap these guys have to take for expressing their fustration and personal belifes and beefs with said rules and ideas. I can certainly understand if they are a little touchy when a newbie comes here and talks in a manner that makes them feel as if you are demeaning them.Now,being from Canada myself,and knowing some people from out west I know that this is just how most of you talk and you probably don’t even reilise it.But most people who come here are from different parts of the world and they know that not everybody talks the same way,even if we all speak english,so they seem to(usally) say things as plainly as possibly so no one gets the wrong idea. Except J ,some days I have no clue what that guy is talking about.

  2. Rabbit says:

    @ BrianTheCanuck
    I don’t remember saying I was atheist, but you can have much better conversations with people who don’t try to ‘save your soul’ because you’re not the right kind of theist, that’s why I said you couldn’t get an intelligent conversation from a fundie.

  3. Firewox says:

    All hail the Flying Spaghetti Monster *bows politely* The Chinese are so special.

  4. BrianTheCanuck says:

    @ Penne: I take your point and I realize that these guys who are backing this have to put up with many ignorant people clinging to outdated ideas. I think these ideas need to be updated as well, and it was never my intnet to demean anyone, except those who come and curse, and claim to be something they are clearly not.
    @ Rabbit- I never said you were an athiest… I was addressing you and Nikkiee at once, “Brian is a theist (stated continuously in his posts) Cap’n Awesome. Still trying to work out what he is doing at our church.”… and your absolutely right! You can have a much better conversation, even if it is about a touchy subject such as religion, as long as they are willing to listen to and consider your point of view. Otherwise the conversation is dogmatic. But upon rereading my first post I realize that I forgot to include that part. I apologize.

  5. pastaman says:

    give that matey the best stripper factorie!

  6. Pixel Pete says:

    Why are we even arguing? We’re all on the same side here(except for Chad(or whatever his name was) if anyone remembers him and amen.com). We should be out there recruiting more people to our cause.

  7. Branded Cow says:

    We argue because we like to argue, and the arguement is what recruits more to our cause. The point is to argue, or at least talk about religion in general. It is good to have faith in religion – whichever religion it may be. Just don’t allow that religion to control your life. Don’t allow that religion to dictate what is fact because religion is just theory anyway.

  8. Zamboni Schwartz says:

    That looks in awful lot like the University of Northern Colorado campus. Is that correct?

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