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Published November 20th, 2006 by Bobby Henderson


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  1. John Phillips says:

    BTC: The very existence of a competing belief system is considered an insult and an attack on their beliefs by significant numbers of believers. So on that basis, using your logic, this site shouldn’t exist as many believers with other belief systems would consider this site an attack on their beliefs. As witnessed by the many inane posts by such on this section of the site. Part of the problem is the very legitimacy that your moderate good quiet christians give the fundies by not standing up and being counted as being more representative of their belief system.

    As the saying goes;

    The only thing needed for evil to prosper is for good men to do nothing.
    Author: Edmund Burke

  2. Cap'n Awesome says:

    Wait wait wait. Are you saying that I’m unintelligent or not. Because you say that that isn’t what you are saying in your first statement, and then go on to say that intelligent designers are mentally deficient, however I am no better then they are if I attack their beliefs without “provocation”

    I call total and utter bullshit on all of that. Beliefs deserve to be attacked when they are stupid. Would you say that it is ok to let someone have Nazi beliefs or racist beliefs, as long as they aren’t fitting your definition of what is ‘harming’ a society? Of course not. Do you feel that it is important for us to respect adults who believe in Santa Claus? Of course not.

    What you get with Christians and Muslims, (and to a slightly lesser extent, Buddhists, Hindus and Jews) is a combination of both of those. The idea that it automatically merits my respect, or even merits my non-mockery of it, simply for being a belief, is a rediculous and frankly dangerous idea. As dangerous as some beliefs are, it is equally dangerous to believe that they should be left alone simply because someone holds to them.

    Or do you have another reason for respecting theistic belief?

  3. Wench Nikkiee says:

    Brian is a theist (stated continuously in his posts) Cap’n Awesome. Still trying to work out what he is doing at our church.
    RAmen for your preaching.

  4. Wench Nikkiee says:

    “I’m sure we are all intelligent enough”
    Also quite fond of using the “we” as to imply speaking on behalf of us pirates.

  5. Rabbit says:

    The only reason I can see for a theist to be here is to look for intelligent conversation, not going to get that from mental fundies.
    More to the point, great costume Cap’n, did you manage to show anyone the error of their ways, or did they all just cling to their old religion?

  6. BrianTheCanuck says:

    @ John Phillips: Good quote, I think it is something everyone should keep in mind, however, are you going to hold every member of a specific group accountable for those that they have no control over? Also, I don’t think what the fundamentalists are doing is inherently evil, just really ignorant. And I don’t think my Christian friends stand by while these fundamentalists do they’re work. There is probably a good damn reason that in Alberta intelligent design is not taught in schools, but believe me we have our share of fundamentalists, and I live in the bible belt of that particular province. You also put words in my mouth, you guys have every right to express you’re views on this site without being attacked, I just fail to see why you have to attack the things you do not agree with. Yes, I am a theist, but have I said anything against being an athiest? Hell no! I could care less about something like that. Good people are found regardless of creed, colour, political affiliation. I don’t belong to a church, I don’t preach my beliefs like truth, I don’t try to convert people, and I have a serious problem with organized religion because of people like the ones who post hate on here. As far as my government is concerned I am an atheist…
    @ Cap’n: In my first post I said “I’m sure we are all intelligent enough to take the high road.” No where in that des it say that you or anyone else isn’t intelligent. It could imply that… but only if you were looking for it to do that. It was never intended to be taken like that. You made an excellent choice about choosing not to take the high road. According to Sartre, people are human becomings, not human beings. You have to constantly choose who you are and take responsibility for those actions. I think he was right about that, and that is exactly what you did. I disagree with what you have to say, but I don’t think you’re stupid just because I don’t agree with your point of view.
    @ Rabbit and Nikkiee- I wasn’t aware that you had to be an atheist to belong or support the cause of the FSM. The we pronoun was directed at everyone on here because of all of the threads I have read have contained much intelligent discussion and wit. The only people clearly lacking intelligence, and I can only judge that by they’re posts, are the fundamentalists that curse while extolling the virtue of they’re tolerant religion, because God loves you. So unless I miss my mark we, the people viewing this website, are intelligent. If I offended you by the use of we I could use I, but that would sound a little smug…

  7. Penne says:

    -the point of this whole thing was never to slander anyone’s beliefs-Well that is a very nice idea,but I not sure you’ve been paying attention.The point of this whole site and the FSM himself is really to make fun of the idea of ID, and the notion that it should be allowed in schools to be taught as though it were fact.-Which,yes,is sort of like slandering that belife.

  8. BrianTheCanuck says:

    I was paying attention Penne…
    Some are questioning why I, as a theist, would be on this site.
    I don’t think this site is slandering the religion at all, just the silly notion that a belief should be taught as a science. Personally I don’t want my beliefs measured and weighed… Besides which you could not, at the present moment, prove or disprove anything… hence why they’re called beliefs, and hence why this concept works so beautifully. I may have missed the point so I copied from the F.A.Q. on this site. These are Bobby Henderson’s words, not mine.
    Q: Are you an atheist / heathen / what?
    A: I don’t have a problem with religion. What I have a problem with is religion posing as science. Teach Creationism in school, fine, but don’t teach it in a science classroom. And don’t change the definition of science so that you can teach these things. That’s retarded.
    Supernatural explanations are by definition not science, so why would you teach them in a science classroom?
    Religion, itself, isn’t bad. But it isn’t necessarily good, either. There are plenty of good Christians (and Muslims, and Buddhists, and Hindus), and plenty of bad ones.
    Dogma is bad for everyone.
    And that is simply what I have been trying to argue as well.

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