FSM Preacher

Published November 20th, 2006 by Bobby Henderson


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  1. Rodger the cabin boy says:

    Sure the troops might be nice guys but it doesn’t change the fact that the Iraq war is illegal and an act of terrorism.
    ‘they’re all a hell of a lot braver then I could ever be.’
    The only ones i can see who have acted with any courage are the ones who refused to take part in the war despite the shit they were going to go through because of it. They still attacked civillians deliberately to cause terror and so i stand by calling them terrorists.Please don’t take this personally.

  2. hexhunter says:

    Terrorism runs in the blood of america, since WWII they’ve been doing it to themselve and others, and I blame it on the evangelicals, at least the modern stuff like Iraq…

  3. hexhunter says:

    PS that means I don’t blame it on any of you americans, any FSM american is a good american

  4. Jon E says:

    America seems to be trying to copy what we Brits spent several centuries doing to the rest of the world. At least we were more competant at it. We can even still deal with a lot of our former collonies, though I wouldn’t blame any of them for telling us to F Off. The US seems to be copying what we did and not bothering to check out the very large number of mistakes we made, like intoducing the growing of poppies to Afghanistan, yep that was the Brits. We ran most of the world opium trade.

    Of cause we now seem to have a government that is doing pretty much everything that the USA wants us to do. I really hope at the next election the people of this country will have finally seem through them all. Though I doubt it. I’ve always said that a hung parliament is the best idea, there are plenty of lamp posts around.

  5. Rodger the cabin boy says:

    Something else that never gets taught is the fact that the pre war US and British goverments were pro fascist, and only fought them because they presented a threat to their own financial interrests what they teach children about GB and the US fighting for democracy and freedom is a load of bollocks. If they had really cared about any of that they would have helped the Spanish republic.

  6. Jon E says:

    They would have had a lot of problems with trying to side with the fascists in this country. I’m not sure about the government beign pro-fascist, but a very large proportion of the popultation wasn’t. Mosley and his followers were not popular in this country, they regularly came under attack.

    During the First World War the US was playing both sides and supplying both sides until the sinking of the Lusitania by the Germans. They were very close to siding with the Germans. Not surprising when you realise how large a proportion of the US population is of German extraction.

    Anyway the whole point of my previous post is that old adage, “those that don’t study history are doomed to repeat it and those that don’t study history properly are just doomed.”

  7. Rodger the cabin boy says:

    I know that the fash were not popular with the majority of people in this country(eg. battle of cable street where the BUF had the crap kicked out of it) but the rich were often openly pro fascist and they were the ones who hold most of the power.

  8. Jon E says:

    I’m not actually disagreeing on that point. I’m just saying that they would have had a real problem trying to push it through. They may well have got themselves the revolution that they would have deserved.

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