FSM Preacher

Published November 20th, 2006 by Bobby Henderson


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  1. Bill says:

    Yall need straight jackets and padded walls. Maybe you should also join the military. Go over and ask the terrorists if they beleve (spelled wrong, I know) in the so called FSM.

  2. Rodger the cabin boy says:

    I have never heard of terrorists who believe in the FSM (they wouldn’t be aloud to terrorise anyone) but there are plenty of terrorist groups who believe in god. For example your beloved president who decided that Iraq needed to be bombed because god told him to do it. The civillians who were bombed by the US were no doubt terrified by this unjustified attack and so it was TERRORISM thats right the US+UK army are terrorists.

  3. Bill says:

    You are one. So is the “fsm”

  4. Rodger the cabin boy says:

    Bill how the fuck does the FSM terrify anyone unless you happened to be scared of a sense of humour, something that truly is terrifying is your lack of intelligence.

  5. Wench Nikkie says:

    We will pray to the magnificent and magnanimous Flying Spaghetti Monster, asking that your soul be saved and, at the very least, for Him to touch you with His Noodles and inspire you to think. No matter what you have been told, thinking doesn’t hurt. Honest!

  6. Pexkool says:

    YOU are a true Pastafarian, my friend!

    you have been chosen by His Noodle Apendage.

    I admire your courage to confront all that false-believers to try to make the world a better place.

    I’m sure there’s a Pastafarian in every country in the world, and I invite other country people who post here to write in which country they are.

    My respect to you, Cap’n Awesome. From Mexico.

  7. Mad John Kidd says:

    @ Bill

    I’m a veteran of Naval service. I did my time and got out. I’m done with it.


  8. gill says:

    Rodger the cabin boy– now, now, let’s not bash the troops themselves…I know a few people in the army/ training for the army and they’re all a hell of a lot braver then I could ever be. And as for Bill…..hm. Yeah. Not much to say there….he’s not a very creative hatemailer, for one thing.

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