FSM on South Park

Published November 1st, 2006 by Bobby Henderson

Is the Flying Spaghetti Monster making an appearance on South Park tonight?


According to BoingBoing :

Tonight’s episode of South Park features the BoingBoing’s patron deity, The Flying Spaghetti Monster (PBUH), and Richard Dawkins.

Everyone should watch. Comedy Central, 10pm or 11pm, depending on where you live.

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  1. Katta-wee says:

    Oh, pwnzed. We’re, like, official now. If Southpark MENTIONED us, it means we are big enough to get onto a hit T.V show… A HIT T.V show actually KNEW about us.
    Soon, we will be made fun of on Southpark, and POSSIBLY Family Guy.
    Yah, we rock.

  2. Null THE ANGRY PIRATE says:

    We will always find something to fight about. Perhapse the next big thing will be a war of colors; Red vs. Blue anyone?


  3. Fish says:

    I think South Park was making fun of both sides of the argument. South Park doesn’t take sides

    But I do. I’m with the FSM

  4. The Pastafarian says:

    I think it’s great that we were mentioned on South Park! I was actually reading the Gospel as I was watching South Park, and I heard Dawkins mention FSM and I turned my attention from our good book and grinned at my TV. South Park is big, and publicity is good! First Colbert Report now South Park, I want more!

    can i get a Ramen?!

  5. Mike Meier says:

    Did I hear “You don’t have to be so Gould about it.” in the episode? I wasn’t listening closely enough at the moment. If so, its and interesting comment.
    Off topic, sort of, but the Simpsons did an episode critical of religious/magical thinking. It was the one where Springfield was building a mall, and found the skeleton of an angle, which it turns out Lisa had planted. Lots of great lines, like Homer’s “Facts, schmacks, you can prove just about anything with facts.”

  6. Mike Meier says:

    What I saw in last night’s episode:
    1. Initial rejection of evolution solely on the point that we’d be related to monkeys.
    2. Schools are “require” to teach evolution.
    3. The kids want to “learn everything”, but the parents want them to learn only their religion’s myths.
    4. Thoughtful presentation of evolution to 4th graders, that quickly jumps to the question of the existance of God.
    5. Per Stan, isn’t evolution really addressing the question of how, rather than why?
    6. The famous biologists knows all about evolution and such, but can’t seem to tell he is not with a women. Or maybe he is making this sacrifice in order to teach this pashionate teaching the “way”.
    7. All it took was a little lov’in to win evolution’s strongest critic over.
    8. People think Cartman is dead, so in the next episode he might be resurrected.
    9. Future war derived from today’s evolution/science debates, wars that involve evolved sea otters, and there the word “science” had replaced “God” in various familiar phrases, such as “Oh my Science”. Science and rational though did not end war.
    10. While Dawkin’s is passionate about and fully committed to his views, he is still fair and compasionate towards his critics, seeing the person and their beliefs as distinct.
    I’m still hoping the FSM will show up in the next eposide.
    P.S. South Park did a pretty rude portrayal of athiests a few years ago.

  7. Mike Meier says:

    Edit – #4, I got it backwards, evolution speaks to the “how” question, not the “why” question.

  8. Don Lardini says:

    I can’t believe it, my beloved FSM combined with my beloved South Park!! This is final, definitive and convincing proof of the existance of God, in all his noodly finery. Braise him! ( in a delicious marinara )

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