FSM on South Park

Published November 1st, 2006 by Bobby Henderson

Is the Flying Spaghetti Monster making an appearance on South Park tonight?


According to BoingBoing :

Tonight’s episode of South Park features the BoingBoing’s patron deity, The Flying Spaghetti Monster (PBUH), and Richard Dawkins.

Everyone should watch. Comedy Central, 10pm or 11pm, depending on where you live.

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  1. Booty says:

    Sorry I missed you, Jingles – had to go and give my son his “buses” fix!
    Not bad here, Spring finally arriving, thank FSM!
    Catch you later :)
    @ everyone else – this place is fast becoming a menagerie!
    I am sure no-one mentioned a second Noah’s Ark when I signed up! ;)

  2. Gnocci Man says:

    *quickly steps in front of an air-holed box*
    As a side note, do you know anything about the trackback system venganza uses? just caus’ this one has… erm… a link to “mature woman sex gallery”
    Kinda disturbing

  3. Booty says:

    Oh – thanks a lot Gnocci Man – you can go off people you know!
    Why on earth would I know about mature woman sex?!!!
    On a serious note I am afraid I am technologically challenged – so I know little of these trackbacks of which you speak.
    Sorry, I am sure a nerd will come along soon who will be able to help you – possibly with the mature women too ;)

  4. sihhush says:

    What a bunch of homosexual uneducated idiots you all are!
    Farewell father fuckers!

  5. ladysonia says:

    sup boys! Im an aspiring model and I want to make it on my own in the industry! I love fooling around with cute guys and just having a good time you know?! I love my dogs, and just can’t get enough of them… and I like it when dudes show my kitten the same attention jk hahaha!

  6. Eleanor Simpson says:

    southpark is great! the best cartoon that i have ever watched”‘`

  7. Car Equalizers  says:

    south park is quite violent sometimes but still it is a great cartoon;.;

  8. Combi Boilers · says:

    when you want sarcasm, then Southpark is perfect for you *

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