FSM Money Stamp

Published November 20th, 2006 by Bobby Henderson


Nick Jones came up with this FSM money stamp. It covers up “In God We Trust” and replaces it with “In Pasta We Trust”. I like it.

Closeup: dollarwide2.jpg

BoingBoing had a post a while ago showing a tiny stamp to strike out the word “God” from paper money:


Which prompted Kim Moser to suggest the following FSM stamp:


Here’s what I want to know: how many people would be interested in a money stamp? We could have them made if there’s enough interest.

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  1. Mad John Kidd says:

    What are they putting in the water in Virginia? Here guys try some of the Kool-Aid instead. Good fer what ails ya!

  2. Billy says:

    Hey Bob ahm bak

  3. Bob says:

    Billy? Hey
    I jus finished eatin lunch
    wat r yuh doin

  4. Billy says:

    Ah jus finished eatin lunch too
    ah ate the flyin spugety monster

  5. Bob says:

    Hey that was uh good one
    ah should have eatin sum uh thuh fukin spugety god too
    ah gotta go ahll talk at yuh later

  6. Billy says:

    alrite bob ahll talk at yuh later

  7. Mad John Kidd says:

    Thank you for eating the “spugety” billy! May His Noodly Goodness warm your soul and steer a clear course away from your misdeeds. He only wants us to play nice. Spread the Word.



  8. SaucyWench says:

    Hmmmm? Go ahead, eat it and enjoy! We do!

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