FSM Money Stamp

Published November 20th, 2006 by Bobby Henderson


Nick Jones came up with this FSM money stamp. It covers up “In God We Trust” and replaces it with “In Pasta We Trust”. I like it.

Closeup: dollarwide2.jpg

BoingBoing had a post a while ago showing a tiny stamp to strike out the word “God” from paper money:


Which prompted Kim Moser to suggest the following FSM stamp:


Here’s what I want to know: how many people would be interested in a money stamp? We could have them made if there’s enough interest.

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  1. Rushing Zephyr says:

    But it would be fighting for what we believe in! It’s like the holy I MEAN pasta wars, except without the war part!

    I would buy one and stamp every dollar I get with it.

  2. Scorch says:

    All my money shall display FSM.

    Pastafarian all the way!

  3. TrueBeliever says:

    @Pixel Pete
    And in case you were wondering, I don’t think that stamping money is illegal, I see it all the time.

    so do i, but its definately illegal, however, the government doesnt really enforce it except for destroying the money once it reaches a bank. They also wouldnt know who stamped the money unless they read this site, and even then they would just know stamps were being sold. They have more important things to do anyway. All money should be stamped w/HIS image.

  4. Mobzilla says:

    I’d like one. I would definitely buy one and stamp my money as it rolled through.

  5. Bill_S_Mi says:

    These guys do custom stamps cheaply. You can buy through their web site uploading a picture for the stamp. Various stamp types to choose from.


    I’ve bought from them and was very happy with their service.

  6. LA Clay says:

    Who cares where George has been. It’s all about where the FSM IS!

  7. Hal says:

    British money is like waaaay lame. We got a picture of the queen and on one we have the guy who built the first British train lines. BORING ! I WELCOME THE NOODLY LORD TO OUR CURRENCY ! I suggest a nice FSM right in that black circle (where the U.V queen is.

    May our human currency be blessed by his noodly appendage.



  8. YOceedee says:

    Count me in on the stamp idea. Act locally, think globally!

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