FSM Money Stamp

Published November 20th, 2006 by Bobby Henderson


Nick Jones came up with this FSM money stamp. It covers up “In God We Trust” and replaces it with “In Pasta We Trust”. I like it.

Closeup: dollarwide2.jpg

BoingBoing had a post a while ago showing a tiny stamp to strike out the word “God” from paper money:


Which prompted Kim Moser to suggest the following FSM stamp:


Here’s what I want to know: how many people would be interested in a money stamp? We could have them made if there’s enough interest.

665 Responses to “FSM Money Stamp”

  1. Hunter of Gods says:

    I’m curious how large this Flying Spaghetti Menace is. The Jesus hunt was OK but the guy turned out to be such a pussy that the end was more like putting him out of his misery than ridding the word of a dangerous character. This noodly guy looks like he might be more tough and I’m going to propose him for a future hunt. To do this, I need to estimate what kind of ammunition is best to deal with Him. 308? 50 BMG? Do I need to move up to RPG’s with thermobaric warheads? Your cooperation will be appreciated.

    Please don’t try to insult me by claiming your god is invincible. I’ve heard it all before about thousands of Gods that don’t exist anymore.

  2. Other says:

    Please please make stamps! Then your site will have one-stop Christmas shopping for me!

  3. Bosstone says:

    I’d buy one.

  4. The Gooeld says:

    only if I can stamp you with it, big boy.

  5. hexhunter says:

    I’d buy one, it’s a great way to advertise without being seen vandalising, and from what I understand, th UK aren’t as fussy about it than the US is…



    In UK the max penalty appears to be £200, but even more ridiculous, in the US you can get 6 months…

    if you make a rally small one thta fits in the corner, then that’d be ok i suppose, not defacing as much as ammending to, and if they say that religous views cannot be expressed on money, then they should get wikipedia to change us from a ‘parody’ religion to a real riligion…

    hey, americans, make sure you smuggle some propganda into the prison with you…

  6. Jon E says:

    In Britain we have Charles Darwin on the £10 note. I’d love to see the reaction if someone suggested putting him on US money.

  7. Roderick says:

    If Where’s George can put stuff on money, so should we. This sounds awesome and I would send in all my green to get stamped.

  8. Nick the Infidel says:

    “I would send in all my green to get stamped.”

    No Roderick were not that kind of religion, were proposing that you stamp your money at home. That way you still get to spend it.

    JonE, seriously, Darwin is on the 10 pound note? Thats awesome! We generally like to put old dead racists on our money.

    Apparently the apple can sometimes fall really really really really really really really far from the tree. We had the right idea around the revolutionary war, but how did you guys shoot light years ahead of us in this respect?

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