FSM Holiday Greeting Cards

Published November 10th, 2006 by Bobby Henderson


Is there any interest in FSM Holiday cards?

* Update *

Ok, I’m going to have cards made. They’re not going to be holiday-specific, though. I think the front will be the “Touched by His Noodly Appendage” creation painting, and the back will be the Pirate Fish. These will be 5″x7″, printed on 120# card stock, folded, with the inside blank (for Holiday greetings or propaganda, drawings of midgets, or whatever.)
Here’s what I’m thinking:

Front: card_front.jpg Back: card_back.jpg
Unless there’s a huge demand, the first printing will be ~ 2k cards, which is going to price them at around $1 each, including an envelope. Reasonable?

* Update 2 *

The cards are being printed. Buy them here.

74 Responses to “FSM Holiday Greeting Cards”

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    I really like the Seasons Greeting. Are you going to do that one as well?

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