FSM Holiday Greeting Cards

Published November 10th, 2006 by Bobby Henderson


Is there any interest in FSM Holiday cards?

* Update *

Ok, I’m going to have cards made. They’re not going to be holiday-specific, though. I think the front will be the “Touched by His Noodly Appendage” creation painting, and the back will be the Pirate Fish. These will be 5″x7″, printed on 120# card stock, folded, with the inside blank (for Holiday greetings or propaganda, drawings of midgets, or whatever.)
Here’s what I’m thinking:

Front: card_front.jpg Back: card_back.jpg
Unless there’s a huge demand, the first printing will be ~ 2k cards, which is going to price them at around $1 each, including an envelope. Reasonable?

* Update 2 *

The cards are being printed. Buy them here.

74 Responses to “FSM Holiday Greeting Cards”

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  1. Penne says:

    its nice to have goals in life

  2. micklean says:

    Cards yes! Smiting nay! That’s the other folks Gods – not ours! (We also do not have a “hell”. Upon a true believers demise, you are taken to the island of beer volcanoes and stripper factories on the sacred pirate ship. Upon the demise of a non-believer, His Noodleness returns their essence to the elemental substances from whence they came and reincorporates it back into the universe. In other words – consignment to oblivion!


  3. Anna says:

    How ’bout Noodlemas? Pirannuka?

  4. Penne says:

    You’ve gotta have smiting,if there’s no smiting our God will be seen as the little pussy God by all the other Gods, and they’ll all say ‘there’s the FSM,the little pussy God who won’t smite anybody even if you take his lunch-money or pull on his noodles,or kick him in the meatballs.’ And we can’t have that now can we?

  5. Penne says:

    Smite’em when their not looking then.

  6. Mike Meier says:

    I just odered a box. Thanks.

  7. fsm follower#2 says:

    how many gods smite?

  8. Penne says:

    With a wet noodle.

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