FSM Holiday Cards are here

Published November 24th, 2006 by Bobby Henderson


Fedex delivered 9 boxes of FSM greeting/propaganda cards this morning and they look good. I have never seen so much propaganda in one place.

boxes2.jpg inthebox.jpg

Here are some close-up pictures:

Front: cardfron1.jpg Back: cardback1.jpg

Maybe 1/4 of the first printing has been sold, and they’re going quick – so if you want some, buy them asap. Order FSM cards HERE.

51 Responses to “FSM Holiday Cards are here”

  1. Starbuckaneer says:

    These are even better than the ones I got with Jesus singing “Happy birthday to me!”

  2. MOTH says:

    is there anywhere i can buy any/all the fsm products in australia?
    thanks duck,

  3. Ollie says:

    Woah. I was just about to search the site for spaghetti-related holidays, and then WHAM this turns up. Some of His work, perhaps?
    Anyways, i was wondering: is there an official date(s) for any FSM holidays?
    There would probably have to be several:
    Pirate Day
    Beginning of the world anniversary
    and of course, Flying Spaghetti Monster day (which needs a better name).

  4. I love eruptions in heaven says:

    there’s one big lon FSM holiday.
    we call it the holiday season. while other faiths are so stupid to just make thier holiday last a few days, ours lasts way longer!!!!.
    so whenever some1 says happy holidays, he might just be a pastafarian.

    RAmen, and Happy Holiday season

  5. Ollie says:

    How long is Holiday Season?
    when does it start?!
    when does it end?!
    am i missing it now?!!!

  6. Jim says:

    Are the cards going to be for sale again this year?

  7. Mike Meier says:

    How about membership cards instead. Then I could be a card-carrying FSMismist.

  8. Bob says:

    You are a very smart person! :)

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