FSM Holiday Cards are here

Published November 24th, 2006 by Bobby Henderson


Fedex delivered 9 boxes of FSM greeting/propaganda cards this morning and they look good. I have never seen so much propaganda in one place.

boxes2.jpg inthebox.jpg

Here are some close-up pictures:

Front: cardfron1.jpg Back: cardback1.jpg

Maybe 1/4 of the first printing has been sold, and they’re going quick – so if you want some, buy them asap. Order FSM cards HERE.

51 Responses to “FSM Holiday Cards are here”

  1. Zamboni Schwartz says:

    Uh, Bobby? You say you’ve never seen so much propoganda in one place.

    I take it you don’t watch Fox News.

  2. madhatter says:

    Many hurrahs and huzzahs and proclamations of piratical glee! FSM’s noodly appendages have snaked their way into another method of spreading the good word (and accompanying good food) to the populace. one more step towards recognition for our faith.

  3. Grand Questioner says:

    I ask becuase I must know. I’m far too henotheistic to become a true beliver, but I think my husband may convert to Pastafarianism. I am filled with joy to hope this, because 1) it gives him peace, 2)this makes him easier to shop for, and 3) being married to a pirate is just damn cool.

    My question is this, since we will probably be in a household of various religious beliefs: is it proper to cook spaghetti, or is this an offense of the FSM? How about spaghetti with “non-meat meatballs” as hubby calls the processed-and-frozen, easy-as-hell-to-cook variety?

    May all find Peace in Pasta

  4. Gnocci Man says:

    @Grand Questioner
    He doesn’t really mind, as long as it’s spaghetti. He generally prefers the kind you spend at least a little effort on, but just as long as it is starchy and tasty He will be happy. as to the “non-meat meatballs”, if they really taste like that then you should probably switch brands. Come back anytime.

  5. Branded Cow says:

    I like the idea, but I’m gonna stick to the original angel and tree thing.

  6. Grand Questioner says:

    Thank you, Gnocci Man. Loved the song, too. :)

  7. Paul says:

    So who has the UK rights….I want those cards badly, our leader believes in faeries too!

  8. Trey says:

    oh my gosh “just guess”

    you just praised a wad of spaghetti

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