FSM Holiday Cards are here

Published November 24th, 2006 by Bobby Henderson


Fedex delivered 9 boxes of FSM greeting/propaganda cards this morning and they look good. I have never seen so much propaganda in one place.

boxes2.jpg inthebox.jpg

Here are some close-up pictures:

Front: cardfron1.jpg Back: cardback1.jpg

Maybe 1/4 of the first printing has been sold, and they’re going quick – so if you want some, buy them asap. Order FSM cards HERE.

51 Responses to “FSM Holiday Cards are here”

  1. Neofelis says:

    The FSM told me that if i scent mark too much i’ll go blind, i blindly obeyed and i still have almost purrfect vision. And they say theres no proof!

  2. Glastonbury Dex says:

    Praise be to the Noodly One! This will greatly assist in the building of the pirate ship!

  3. gill says:

    “You can think the Christian faith is incorrect all you want.

    It doesn’t make you right :).”

    You can think your religion is correct all you want. That doesn’t make you right. ;)

    I’m sorry. Simply couldn’t resist. Nice cards, Bobby!

  4. Homo narrans says:

    Yeah, nice cards. may have to order some of those myself.

  5. CJ says:

    Are these cards made with recycled paper?

  6. 'trick says:

    I ordered mine. Can’t wait to get these and spread some good ‘ol holiday cheer with them!…and spread the good word at the same time.

  7. Calum, hairy Scotsman says:

    You guys are completely insane!

    Thanks for a great laugh that’s finally shown me there’s at least one religion out there that’s worth bothering with.

  8. Dave says:

    This is the most appealing religion I have encountered and far more rational than most. I am now a Pastafarian.

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