fsm animation

Published November 7th, 2006 by Bobby Henderson


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  1. Cowpie says:

    Interesting reading! Thank you One Eyed Jack for your reponses to the non-believer. I’m sorry Tesla but have you ever thought how silly it is to believe and worship a God that has never been seen and does not exist. This site is to make fun of you. You silly person you……….

  2. fan says:

    Hey! the soundtrack to the creation of the world was Mozart’s Rondo alla Turca! I never knew that. I’ve learned so much from this site…

  3. Brother Rigatoni says:

    HAHAHAHA!!!….bloop!…..pop pop pop pop pop……..ta da!
    In the name of the pasta, the sauce, and the garlic bread, RAmen

  4. Beastly Rich says:

    I love the noises it makes as it goes about it work. It’s drunk isn’t it!

  5. Gnocci Man says:


    Beautiful… (could fix the grammar, though)

  6. Penne says:

    This game is sort of fun but it’s too bad you can’t throw deadly meatballs or splatters of boiling hot sauce at the men in dark suits.That would increase the funishness ten fold.

  7. Penne says:

    Or if not deadly meatballs and boiling hot sauce,then at least old crusty VD ridden strippers.

  8. Penne says:

    And the FSM should get to go to the white house and convert that crowd as a boss level too.

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