Church of the Non-Believers

Published November 2nd, 2006 by Bobby Henderson


There’s an interesting article recently published by WIRED titled The Church of the Non-BelieversA band of intellectual brothers is mounting a crusade against belief in God. Are they winning converts, or merely preaching to the choir?

The number of nonreligious people in the US is something nearer to 30 million than 20 million,” he says. “That’s more than all the Jews in the world put together. I think we’re in the same position the gay movement was in a few decades ago. There was a need for people to come out. The more people who came out, the more people had the courage to come out. I think that’s the case with atheists. They are more numerous than anybody realizes.

…the big war is not between evolution and creationism, but between naturalism and supernaturalism.

There’s lots of interesting things in this article, including a few mentions of the Flying Spaghetti Monster.

Link to the article.

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