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Published November 12th, 2006 by Bobby Henderson


The Flying Spaghetti Monster will be a major subject on the internet radio show Bob’s Brain. If you’d like to tune in, check out www.advancedrf.net 8:30PM EST, November 14th.

From Mike @ Bob’s Brain:

Greetings fellow Pastafarians!

My name is Mike and I will be preaching His word on Bob’s Brain 8:30pm EST as our prophet Bobby Henderson has so noted on this website.

Bob’s Brain is a live radio show with music and host staring Bob Eckard along with his cast of friends… I have asked to talk much about our beloved Flying Spaghetti Monster and perhaps gain a few converts.

I need everybody’s help, what do you think is the best way to spread His word? I want to help other get touched by his noodly appendage. All suggestions will be appreciated. I hope to wear an eye patch while online since this is His will to be dressed in pirate garb, although bringing a cutlass might be a bit hard in their studios.

For those who want to listen in they broadcast using Shoutcast which you can listen to for free using Winamp and downloading a small playlist with the station’s url. It works best with broadband but you may get lucky with a dailup connection.

For pastafarians who want to also share the good word should log onto the shows IRC channel connect to irc.glyster.com as the server and join #arfnet. Would be nice to get a few ID people to listen too, so see if you can find any!!!


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  1. Anna says:

    When preaching the word, it might be good to start with the open letter, then move on to the history and ways of Pastafarianism.

  2. hexhunter says:

    Is there a podcast made afterwards, cos it’s 1:30 in the UK?

    also, if anyone rejects the FSM, we have ninja’s in our ranks, nobody will ever have too know…

  3. Malc says:

    If they can’t see the obvious Truth (I believe these religious folk spell Truth with a capital T don’t they, to distinguish it from your normal, run-of-the-mill truth of things we can see and measure) of FSM then they are of course free to reject Him and all His Noodliness. He doesn’t do smiting.

  4. pastaman says:

    do i have to sign in to hear the show?

  5. Octopie says:

    You need to trust in His noodly goodness for direction. Never underestimate the power of tomatoes and noodles to sway your audience. Sprinkle your talk with a pinch of oregano and sanity and explain how He has touched your own life. If your crowd becomes board, regal them the tail of “Scooby-Doo! Pirates Ahoy! or something more whimsical like the Venture Bros., “Ghosts of the Sargasso” (ummm, Sargassum…almost like noodles). Finally don’t forget to close with a prayer and recipe of spaghetti:

    Our Monster, who art in space,
    Hallowed be His name (FSM).
    HIS noodle comes, his starch be done,
    On Earth as it is in the Great Attractor.

    Give us this day, noodles, tomatoes, meatballs and spices
    And boil them right hot as we have had boils upon us.

    And lead us not into Marinara Sauce Hell,
    but deliver us to Volcano Beer.

  6. pastaman says:

    hey people, i live in gtm -6, when does it starts?

  7. pastaman says:

    just heared it! mostly pirate talk…meh
    ok, first radio, then tv, then fsm: the movie, attack of the sausage of the underworld!
    ramen everybody

  8. TRIX says:

    I even got mentioned a couple times (I was TRIX_Rabbit on IRC)
    I think we should get our own religious internet show.

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