All of ya’ll who believe this queer ass religion

Published November 1st, 2006 by Bobby Henderson

All of ya’ll who believe this queer ass religion are just a bunch of fucking nerds who have nothing better to do then just make up ridiculous shitty ass crap like this. Along with that fact, anyone who believes this stupid religion has a drinking problem, all of ya’ll drink douche water.


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  1. FSml says:

    religion….. hummm…. why must we fight.. if we belive in this let us be ….. wars are shit we have them over religions…. i dont belive that god created us( ccristian god) and teh virgan mary is not virgion in less she adopted
    duhhh dumb basters
    Religion is SHIt

  2. the spaghetti carbon dude says:

    i for one would like to know douche water is, i beleive douche is shower in french but i feel that that might not be the meaning you are reffering to. Unfortunatly i do not have a drinking problem, (douched or undouched)and for everyone else (y’all?) i am not smoking crack or any other kind of drug, neither is my mental health in any way unstable.

  3. Dr P says:

    Heh, I stumbled across this site so long ago now, I can’t believe that there are still so many people who just don’t the irony in their trolling posts!

  4. Dr P says:

    er, don’t get the irony, oops.

  5. ... says:

    shitty crap!? idiot

  6. John says:

    queer ass shitty religion?

    Oh yes, this religion has sex with other religions of the same sex, i almost forgot…


  7. AVISPA says:

    OOOooooohh, queer! That must have taken a lot of thought and creativity! But when you describe yourself, you piece of shit on an elephant’s ass, you should be more creative.

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