All of ya’ll who believe this queer ass religion

Published November 1st, 2006 by Bobby Henderson

All of ya’ll who believe this queer ass religion are just a bunch of fucking nerds who have nothing better to do then just make up ridiculous shitty ass crap like this. Along with that fact, anyone who believes this stupid religion has a drinking problem, all of ya’ll drink douche water.


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  1. Wench Nikky says:

    Volo, is English your first language?

  2. Volo says:

    hi nikky
    no but in a way it is since tv was my most intelligent companion while growing up and friendlyest also
    dansih 1st english german swedish norwegian all dialects of english not in the written sense but speakable why ?

  3. Brother Banjo says:

    Uh oh… i smell a hick!

    The ya’lls have reduced me to flabbergasted speechlessness!


  4. Sacreligous Sea-Dog says:

    oh my, all of us’ll are under the attack of this obviously bible beaten southerner with nothing better to do with his time than come on the internet and bash our beliefs. i belive you are an asshole, but i dont post it on the internet. oh wait, i just did. i retract that.

  5. alyshaaaa thinks u guys are tossers says:

    dont u realise people laugh at you?
    you guys are such retards for believing in this shit
    me and my friend are laughing about this right now
    because some loser with no life sat on his computer and decided to trick a whole bunch of freaks with no life into believing there was a god made of spaghetti and meatballs
    go into your room and find some porn and masturbate instead
    it’ll be a bigger use of your time than this shit.

  6. spider says:

    Ahoy all, missed you all. i spy more lubbers with no sense of humour i see. joy of joys! i miss the intelligent hate mail, but this will do in its absence.
    aly, methinks you judge us all by your standards. if you can refrain from self abuse at your keyboar for a minute of two, i suggest looking up these terms.
    i’d suggest getting your parent to help with the long words there, or maybe santa brought you a dictionary?
    as for a waste of time – we’re having fun. why are you here? everyone here enjoys a bit of banter (hopefully intelligent), a bit of satire and is concerned about the ignorant march towards superstition as a form of running society. it appears this is merely a break for you before you google for some more plastic porn. who is the sadder?
    happy new year all!

  7. Pureé Reason says:

    I love it when people just don’t have a brain big enough to get it

    I also love it when people use the phrase “y’all” – and so often the two go together

  8. spider says:

    bit like brother and sister is suspect. clearly a sign of being deprived of comely wenches.
    the piratical shoudl beware, the use of “y’all” is clearly a sign of the heretic lubbers.
    prepare the boiling bolognese and let loose the meatballs

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