your all just KIDS

Published October 25th, 2006 by Bobby Henderson

Your all just KIDS.
always pointing fingers and trying to be better.
when you realize what you are doing wrong its going to be to late.
FSM is nothing more than that of which it is.
And if you really think FSM can beat GOD…it already lost.
you have no faith. You probably cant even tell me what faith means.


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  1. jipppy says:

    look whose pointing the finger now!….

  2. Uomo Felice Della Pasta says:

    No-one believes in the FSM? Complete rubbish. I myself would commit suicide to get to my Piratey Paradise if I didn’t have more important things to do.

  3. Al Dent-one says:

    This is just a classic example of a Creationist/Godbothering type.

    No-one else is right
    No-one else’s God exists.
    If I don’t know how something happened, God did it.
    If I don’t know how something works, God did it.
    Basically, the big guy in the sky is responsible for everything – but somehow, he can’t even teach his followers to spell right?

    That doesn’t sound very God-ly to me…

  4. beau says:

  5. Jolan says:

    Faith…oh yes…I remember Faith…Damn she was limber

    Could suck a golf ball through a garden hose, now that’s talent.


  6. BB says:

    “I myself would commit suicide to get to my Piratey Paradise ”
    (I did mention over role-playing, didn’t I? Misspelled it too.)

  7. Mooseman says:

    Hey, I happen to be 41 and I am DAMN PROUD of these “Kids” With grace and humor they are taking on 4000 years of ingrained superstion and prideful ignorance.
    Oh, you asked about faith, it is the minds ability to accept as “true” things that cannot be proven. Great, you have the ability to belive any lies you wish to tell youself, nifty talent! Now try learning some provable facts about your world and see if that isn’t a little more diffecult but alot more satisfying!

  8. mini captian jack says:

    1) Technically, I am a kid, yes, I’m 15.
    2) I try not to point fingers (like some people *hint-hint*)
    3) FSM cannot beat god, cause it IS god, duh.
    4) I have faith that He will deliver us from all evil.

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