your all just KIDS

Published October 25th, 2006 by Bobby Henderson

Your all just KIDS.
always pointing fingers and trying to be better.
when you realize what you are doing wrong its going to be to late.
FSM is nothing more than that of which it is.
And if you really think FSM can beat GOD…it already lost.
you have no faith. You probably cant even tell me what faith means.


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  1. italian stallion says:

    dear Crulix, if you believe in 4 kids from palestine (2000 years ago), why we can’t believe in FSM?
    Is this less real?

  2. dafsaefweafewfw says:

    don’t mind this guy who calls us all kids. it’s really not his fault. there are plenty of smart people who are christians (I know, it’s hard to believe). the difference between us and them quite often is our upbringing. think of religion as a syndrome; something which affects people at birth and stays with them their whole lives. it’s like a blindfold, and it’s scary…against all reason, against all the truth which is standing right in front of them, religious people will do just ignore it, like how a 2-year-old will put his fingers in his ears, stomp his feet and scream “NO! NO! NO! NO!”

    and the best part about FSMism is that, like all religions, it can’t be proven to be untrue! it holds as much actual truth as christianity, or any other religion. rock on.

    Faith –
    1) Belief in something when there’s no proof to uphold this belief.
    2) Bullshit.

  3. Gnocci Man says:

    Actually, quite a lot of pastafarians were brought up under other religions. once they saw that those religions were, well, bullcrap, they decided to leave. other than that, your post was quite accurate.

  4. God says:

    the main reason people believe other religions is because they were indoctrinated by their parents, school or any other people with a large infulence over their life (and hence now the precentage of people who believe in the main religions is falling). With FSMism, there is no indoctrination, people make up their own mind.

  5. Cindy says:

    @ “God”
    hence where the term, “Blind faith” comes from. Which is why I believe that if anyone is going to follow any religion, in order to truly believe it, one must first find out what else is out there. “Because Mommy told me so” is never a good reason to base your life around something. My parents never took me to a church, synogogue, etc. I had to decide for myself what was right or wrong. That’s the way it should be. If you come to the conclusion that FSMism makes the most sense, then you are free to follow it as you wish. Just so long as you aren’t doing it to follow someone else who seems to know what they’re doing.

    I don’t believe in FSM, but I understand the cause of it’s followers. Although I think that people should be able to believe in what they want.

  6. Branded Cow says:

    @God & Cindy: I believe that I will raise my children Roman Catholic as a means of providing a strong moral standard. I will encourage them to explore other faiths, and like me they may end up here. I myself was raised Roman Catholic and studied other religions including Budism, Judaism, and Norse. I don’t think blind faith is bad as a starting point as long as there is acceptence and willingness to learn.
    As a means of a belief structure I feel religion can be very dangerous, but as a means of culture and morals there is little better. For every fanatic out there – no matter what religion – there is at least two people doing good. That is where I see the benifit of a structured church.

  7. Josh Shahryar says:

    All I have to say is define faith…

    Faith is a belief, trust, or confidence, not based merely on logic, reason, or empirical data, but based fundamentally on volition often associated with a transpersonal relationship with God, a higher power, a person, elements of nature, and/or a perception of the human race as a whole. Faith can be placed in a person, inanimate object, state of affairs, proposition or body of propositions such as a religious creed.

    I can go into detail, but doesn’t that say that if you have to have faith, you have to be illogical?



    *Praise to FSM*

  8. holy appendage says:

    Now, correct me if I’m wrong, but I’m relatively certain that faith is an old wooden ship from the civil war era.

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