your all just KIDS

Published October 25th, 2006 by Bobby Henderson

Your all just KIDS.
always pointing fingers and trying to be better.
when you realize what you are doing wrong its going to be to late.
FSM is nothing more than that of which it is.
And if you really think FSM can beat GOD…it already lost.
you have no faith. You probably cant even tell me what faith means.


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  1. jesus christ says:

    The definitions of faith in my opinion
    1. putting all hope in somebody who isn’t there
    2. though not completely shure, making sure that things will go your way
    3. rejecting all science for a god who was invented by man many years ago

    The faith i have is put into the scientists, not the bigoted pastors

  2. Poobs says:

    I agree with that, we’re all just KIDS of FSM..

    Also I bet you can’t even tell me what satire means.

  3. Mad John Kidd says:

    @ jesus christ — of faith

    “I don’t need faith, I have experience.” — Joseph Cambell

    This experience comes from science.


  4. Panda Pirate says:

    You know, you can’t call evryone here kids if you haven’t met each and everyone on this site. It’s not wise to make such completely wrong statements, or use incorect grammar.

    As for what you said, FSM never tried to provoke a fight with your god. In this case it seems like you, representing your faith and your god, have tried to start a fight with us, FSM and the Pastafarians.

    heck, for all we know God and FSM may be best friends, may hate each other, or one/neither may exist. Plenty of people have already defined faith, but here’s my two bits:
    Faith is a devotion to something, and a willingness to stand up for it no matter what other people say or what proof the bring forward to thwart you. Happy?

  5. Xaos says:

    Faith; noun 1) strong belief in something, esp. without proof. 2) a specific system of religious beliefs.

    There, how was that for a definition of what faith is? The only Truth is the Flying Spaghetti Monster! Everything in nature mimics the Flying Spaghetti Monster and His Noodly Appendages! All hail the FSM!


  6. raspberry says:

    ahh, well …i guess some of us still need to impose our opinions on others, if u do have faith in god, why not in humans? we can make our own decisions …all hail him the almighty

  7. raspberry says:

    oh and why would calling us “kids” be an insult… i wonder can u comprehand that it doesnt matter what age u are… it is still feasible for children to have faith…becuase they dont know any better…ingorance is bliss…innoccent

  8. pirate's son says:

    What’s yor problem?

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