your all just KIDS

Published October 25th, 2006 by Bobby Henderson

Your all just KIDS.
always pointing fingers and trying to be better.
when you realize what you are doing wrong its going to be to late.
FSM is nothing more than that of which it is.
And if you really think FSM can beat GOD…it already lost.
you have no faith. You probably cant even tell me what faith means.


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  1. nikkiee says:

    Stop playing with yourself!

  2. nikkiee says:


  3. nikkiee says:

    Head of evangelical churches busted for buying drugs and hving sex with male escort.

  4. Nowtheworldhasmeaning says:

    Cupcake you are a little weasel go away!

  5. Cupcake says:

    Come on. Buy in. It’s cheap. Two for the price of one. No! Make that three for the price of one. Father, son and holy ghost. So much man…

    Everyone loves a good old fashioned church scandle nikkiee. That story was begging to be leaked..didn’t you see his sinful lips working their pretty lies? Jesus is staying put and a pretty face along with some good detective work won’t change that.

    Come on “Nowtheworld” so on and so on…

    You were the one who wrote of “satire”, surely you understand it when you see it then right?

    Let’s try and get you saved!!!!

    And I don’t even have a dick…unless you are speaking on an evoloutionary level then I suppose I do in a way…hmmmmm. Yes, I think I do have one! Maybe I am a Christian after all!!!!!!

    Wanna buy a bag of pills?


  6. Cupcake says:

    Sorry it was all my “selfish gene” being activated. Fight or flight. I am just a lonely boozer who can’t spell trying to show off on-line because I am too ugly to show my face in public.

  7. Penne says:

    That man in the sky Cookie talks about,I know him, that’s Santa . I like him, which is strange because jolly old fat men with beards who are always trying to get kids to sit on their laps normaly creep me out ,but he brings me candy and cleans the fireplace out pretty good once a year,so he’s O.K. by me. Cupcake if you know where I can get a dick too please spill the beans!!!!They’ve always looked like so much fun to own.

  8. Mad John Kidd says:

    The Cupcake is a real wanker.

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