you have completely pissed us off

Published October 23rd, 2006 by Bobby Henderson

Please do not take any offensive “hate mail” written by Christians as an example of Christianity. We are not very good Christians; we who use words of hate. You must understand, however, that you have completely pissed us off. This site is just stupid. The concept is stupid. I can give you evidence against evolution if you so desire.

I do sort of agree that ID should not be taught in schools, but neither should evolution. It is wrong that evolution, classified as SCIENTIFIC THEORY, is taught as a fact. Teaching evolution in schools is just as offensive to us as teaching ID in schools is to you. We are all people.

The majority of Christians do not want to press our beliefs upon anybody else. The same cannot be said for scientists, it appears. Plus, while Christians want to bring wayward people to God for the wayward people’s sake, scientists want to study and elaborate on evolution because they think they can discover something wonderful and get rich off of it. So, there is still a difference between the two sides.

I think this whole fight is futile. It is written that God’s children will be hated by all, and I can see that’s the way it’s going. Everybody hates Christians…

-Yet Another Christian

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  1. JonL says:

    @Physics Wench

    “Mathematics is an atheist lie”
    RAmen ;)

  2. JonL says:

    Hmm…think that should be
    “….are an atheist lie”

  3. Theweetabixman says:

    “You must understand, however, that you have completely pissed us off.” “Everybody hates Christians…”
    aaaw sounds like the christian mafia meets up with sulky teenage kid!
    May the sauce be with you all…

  4. lloll says:

    you know you are wastin your time here getting angry over nothing? its like having a blog on wether the us forces should leave iraq… lol you can vent off as much anger and opinions about it too. but you have no power even if you all say yes the us forces should leave iraq only the ppl higher up make the decisions and they might not agree with you.. all you people are doing is spreading anger and hate about each other over religion.. good job… talk about forgive your enemy… i see jesus taught you all very well…

  5. Alchemist says:

    It’s a computer, not a ‘phone. You can use long words, punctuation, all sorts of things to aid understanding :)
    1) Who is the post aimed at?
    2) What does the post say?
    3) Does it matter?

  6. Batman says:

    @Yet Another Christian (although, this is old, he’s probably gone now eh?)
    Saying that everyone hates Christians is interesting… we tend to judge others based on our own ideas and principles, rather than on their actual actions. For example, the person who thinks everyone is spreading malicious gossip about him and talking about him all the time, is generally much more guilty of such behavior than the people he is accusing. So for you to assume that everyone hates you because of your beliefs makes me wonder how you feel about others of different faiths. I don’t hate anyone because of what they believe. I might disagree strongly, I might even hate the institution that perpetuates those beliefs, but the individuals I try to “judge” based on their personal merits. One of my very best friends is Catholic (not practising, though, I don’t think), and while I disagree strongly with almost everything the Catholic church stands for, my friend herself is a wonderfully smart and funny person.
    Don’t assume that everyone hates you because of your faith… it only makes you look like a rather negative, hateful person yourself, and highlights your seemingly bigoted attitude towards others. Maybe people just hate you because of your nonexistent sense of humor, or maybe because you are a whiny self-indulgent little person?

  7. Alchemist says:

    @Batman – yeah, but it does you good to get it out :)

  8. Batman says:

    What gets out? I am a little slow this morning (who am I kidding, it is almost 1pm), I need things explained to me. =S
    I think the guy who wrote this needs some therapy maybe… sounds like he suffers from low self-esteem. Hmmmm… maybe he should read “I’m OK, You’re OK”… ha ha ha ha… might help him a bit.

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