you have completely pissed us off

Published October 23rd, 2006 by Bobby Henderson

Please do not take any offensive “hate mail” written by Christians as an example of Christianity. We are not very good Christians; we who use words of hate. You must understand, however, that you have completely pissed us off. This site is just stupid. The concept is stupid. I can give you evidence against evolution if you so desire.

I do sort of agree that ID should not be taught in schools, but neither should evolution. It is wrong that evolution, classified as SCIENTIFIC THEORY, is taught as a fact. Teaching evolution in schools is just as offensive to us as teaching ID in schools is to you. We are all people.

The majority of Christians do not want to press our beliefs upon anybody else. The same cannot be said for scientists, it appears. Plus, while Christians want to bring wayward people to God for the wayward people’s sake, scientists want to study and elaborate on evolution because they think they can discover something wonderful and get rich off of it. So, there is still a difference between the two sides.

I think this whole fight is futile. It is written that God’s children will be hated by all, and I can see that’s the way it’s going. Everybody hates Christians…

-Yet Another Christian

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  1. Jack Sparrow says:

    Hmm, the fact that now everyone hates christians kinda shows how WRONG the bible is.

  2. Charlotte says:

    There are two basic steps to science. The first is quite creative, and it involves forming a hypothesis, or educated conjecture. The second is completely scientific and requires testing that hypothesis by attempting to prove it wrong. If the hypothesis, after numerous risky tests, is not proven wrong, it is labeled a “theory.” Now, calling a hypothesis a “theory” is a huge compliment to the scientist that created the hypothesis in the first place. Very rarely do theories develop into laws. But if the theory is tested over and over again, and if each successive test does not prove the theory wrong, then it gradually develops into fact. Obviously, with new scientific discoveries being made daily, even facts can theoretically be proven wrong, like when the geocentric model of the solar system was replaced with a heliocentric model, but this sort of revolution seldom happens.

    Now, to get to the point: the “theory” of evolution has already developed into fact. There are literally no recent articles promoting creationism to be found in reputable scientific journals. Further, creationism cannot be taught as a scientific theory in schools precisely because it is not scientific; it cannot be tested.

    Hope this helps!

  3. The prophet of the Techies says:

    I can tell you that scientists are NOT trying to make money the way you say it. Have you even SEEN their paychecks?And they don’t FORCE their fact’s and theories on people.That’s what christians do, not directly, but through social coercian and sometimes through violent action.Evolution MAYBE a theory, but there is no better sustitute for it, and it has almost no flaws, if any, the best arguments any other religion can provide are based on flimsy or scriptural evidence, it’s just that it is almost impossible to prove something on so large a timescale.Those bouffant haired shiny suited evangelicals are fleccing gullible thousands out of millions of dollars.Seriously, a mega preacher said that god would kill him if people didn’t give him their money, and recieved 8 million dollars!!!Creationism is [almost;-)]bunk!unless the creator had evolved himself!NEXT TIME YOU DARE MAKE SUCH AN INSULTFUL ARGUMENT,BACK IT UP WITH SOME ACTUAL EVIDENCE!!!DON’T JUST MAKE UP STUFF!!!

  4. ruiner says:

    Don’t compare blind-trust to evidence. THAT is the difference.

    People like you provoked me a big revelation the other day. After vomiting it all, my stomach felt a lot better.


  5. yeah that guy says:

    Where to start, firstly this is in no way meant to attack you or your beliefs as a Christian, only your statements are on trial here. If you visited the website and took time to read it, (at least thats my assumption) and you beg to differ on the views expressed thats your right. However keep in mind that you do not see posts like this degrading the content of the site on the Christian Science Monitor’s website or and other major religion’s website for that matter. I am glad to see that you are informed enough to see that ID should not be taught in schools because there is no scientific evidence for it. If you do have some please present it in an academic forum or journal such as Nature. I am sure that once it passes the rigorous peer review phase it will be printed and science curricula the world over updated to include the new information. If you lookup theory on you will see this at the bottom of the list of definitions “A theory in technical use is a more or less verified or established explanation accounting for known facts or phenomena: the theory of relativity.” Whereas “A hypothesis is a conjecture put forth as a possible explanation of phenomena or relations, which serves as a basis of argument or experimentation to reach the truth: This idea is only a hypothesis.” You said it yourself, evolution is a theory, a very technical one at that with a immense amount of verification in academia. Therefore it meets the same criteria as say the theory of relativity or quantum physics. You also state that the Christians do not wish to impose their views upon others. This is blatantly false as is evidenced by the Christian faith based voting initiatives in the US most notably during the last two Presidential elections and the unfortunate election of a Christian President that on numerous occasions has attempted to push an agenda based off Christian ideals. Also your statement that scientists do what they do just to get rich” is absurd. Scientists are ridiculously underpaid when compared to their business counterparts, look at the Forbes list of the 500 richest individuals in the US and you will see that they are predominantly business people and any scientists on that list are statistical anomalies. If you feel that this does not satisfactorily address all your statements please continue the discussion on this page.

  6. Quicksilver_Johny says:

    I would like to see this anti-Evolution “evidence”, but, I’m afraid I don’t believe you have it.
    And the whole “It’s only a theory!” argument fails completely. All science is is theories, supported by facts. Evolution has so much overwhelming evidence in its favour, that for all intents and purposes, it can just be considered fact. Christians deceive people into believing there’s a big invisible guy who created everyone because they are closed minded, and afraid of the truth. Scientists study nature in hopes of explaining the world, helping humanity. And oh yes, poor poor Christians that don’t always completely get their way in a secular nation, why don’t you just go off to live in some theocracy.

  7. Wench Nikkiee says:

    At the fund a mentalist bible schools, kids appear to be told that evolutionists (Satan deciples!) say that worms and monkeys turn into people. They are also told that evolutionary “belief” in natural selection is reponsible for murder and other past atrocities.

  8. Alchemist says:

    By the by – have you ever seen a foetus develop? (not at you Nikkiee). It starts out almost identical to a fish. What is the water content of humans? Erm. and the sodium content of that water would be? ooh – is it, like, seawater levels?

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