you have completely pissed us off

Published October 23rd, 2006 by Bobby Henderson

Please do not take any offensive “hate mail” written by Christians as an example of Christianity. We are not very good Christians; we who use words of hate. You must understand, however, that you have completely pissed us off. This site is just stupid. The concept is stupid. I can give you evidence against evolution if you so desire.

I do sort of agree that ID should not be taught in schools, but neither should evolution. It is wrong that evolution, classified as SCIENTIFIC THEORY, is taught as a fact. Teaching evolution in schools is just as offensive to us as teaching ID in schools is to you. We are all people.

The majority of Christians do not want to press our beliefs upon anybody else. The same cannot be said for scientists, it appears. Plus, while Christians want to bring wayward people to God for the wayward people’s sake, scientists want to study and elaborate on evolution because they think they can discover something wonderful and get rich off of it. So, there is still a difference between the two sides.

I think this whole fight is futile. It is written that God’s children will be hated by all, and I can see that’s the way it’s going. Everybody hates Christians…

-Yet Another Christian

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  1. Cap'n Saucy says:

    @ Cunnilingus Rice – Ok, ok, I once put my GPA in a post, but only because someone accused us (Pastafarians) of only believing in this “crap” because our brains were addled from drug use. I wanted to assure the person that, although I did a prodigious amount of partying in my teens and early twenties, my brain still functioned pretty well. I agree with you that one’s GPA is not necessarily a relevant talking point in this forum. One can have a very high GPA and be clueless about very important aspects of life. That being said, how are we supposed to have a meaningful debate with fundamentalist cretins? Furthermore, maybe I don’t want to have a meaningful debate. Maybe I’m tired of behaving well all day and I just want to cleverly tell someone to stop trying to shove his or her religion down my throat. I’m tired of feeling like I need to apologize for not being a Christian. Also, I was confused about your comment that there was no intelligent debate going on here. Obviously you haven’t been looking in the right places. Yes, there is a lot of tomfoolery, but there is also plenty of earnest, in-depth debate from many different angles.

  2. Ben says:

    This debate is absurd. If you are angry that evolution (which is as close to a proven fact as gravity) is being taught in schools one must ask….so what? So what if you’re angry, what if I were angry that schools were not teaching the “Flying Spaghetti Monster” version of design in schools? Creationism has not a shred of proof, nor does intelligent design. Evolution on the other hand is a scientific theory which is observable and backed by mountains of conclusive data. Evolution not only elegantly explains all of the life on this planet in an elegant and highly probable manner, but it does so without invoking an all powerful sky-fairy which not only fails to answer the question but begs more questions such as “who made the sky-fairy” and “where is the evidence this sky fairy even exists”.
    The term “theory” is only in front of evolution in a strictly semantic sense, indeed in countries who teach science in science classrooms (the United Kingdom being the most obvious example of a secular society who recognises demons, necromancers, hobgoblins and sky fairies have no place in a science classroom) “theory” is not put in front of evolution, indeed due to it’s highly observable nature evolutioin may aswell be called “the fact of evolution”. Now, as this entire argument is based on the nonsense assumption that intelligent design and creationism is “on par” with evolution simply because the word theory is smacked on both needs to be forgotten. There has never been, and likely never will be a shred of evidence for intelligent design of creationism. Neither explain how we got here, after all saying “God did it” is on par to saying “The Flying Spaghetti Monster did it”, they do not add to the understanding of our existence. However evolution, which can not only be observed under the microscope but is backed by fossil evidence (and before anyone points out “gaps” in fossil evidence I feel the need to point out fossils in themselves are very rare occurances, indeed as Dawkins points out in “The God Delusion” it is a miracle we have as much conclusive evidence as we do from fossils) and countless studies expains evolution in an elegant, simple and entirely provable manner. Evidently Evolution, ID and creationism are not equal theories. Intelligent design and creationism do not advance scientific understanding at all, whereas evolution is a consciousness raising masterpiece of science. Evolution, which is not a theory of “chance” but a theory demonstrating the gradual climb, inch by inch up the slope of evolution through natural selection, is the only scientific theory which explains our existence.
    To conclude, if you find it insulting your sky-fairy theory is not being taught as equal to science in a science classroom you need to ask yourself something – “why am I pushing a baseless sky fairy theory on people who only wish to study science?”

  3. Stigmata of the Eye says:

    This could be a premise for a movie. We could call the movie,

    “When People In Search of Scapegoats Just Don’t Get It.”

  4. TRIX says:

    Exactly. Even people who research evolution question it, but their question is, “What needs to be proved? Can I gather evidence to support it? If so, will it be enough? If I can’t gather evidence, is there a reasonable hypothesis I could share with my peers to be studied later?”
    To Fundamentalists:
    The only “evidence” for ID is the bible. A book written before we knew the Earth was round. Before we discovered DNA. If it was written today, it would have likely have been heavily influenced by evolution.
    Evolution has been reinforced in the respect that we now know that fruit flies mutate due to recessive genes in their DNA. DNA, in some form or fashion, is part of the downfall of believers of creationism.
    Evolution is a (scientifically accurate) theory. ID is an attempt to explain what could be better explained by science and observation. We don’t know everything about evolution, or how we came to be, but that doesn’t mean that it’s false. ‘Nuff said.

  5. jesus christ says:

    you know, crulix is right that about something. he is probably another christian hated by all. poor crulix

  6. Burger says:

    So I’d just like to throw in my two cents and comment on what I see as a deeply confused persons response to FSM. First, I never thought of this as an attack on Christianity at all and I’m lost as to why so many people are takeing it as such. When my dad showed me the article in the Washington Post, I immidiately saw it as a simple and comical satiric device using an example of a fabricated religion to show what the author felt was wrong about ID. This is hardly attacking the Christian religion but rather pointing out what the proponents of ID are essentially saying.

    Secondly it is dissapointing, being a jew, and seeing an obviously devout chrisitan say “everyone hates christians” dispite the fact that the U.S. (which i assume “yet another Chrisitan” lives in) is a Chrisitan society. This is dissapointing because from a jews perspective Christians are quite well liked considering the country runs on their calender and holds much of their vaules. Continueing with that point, if everyone hates Christians, then why would the possibility of teaching ID, an unarguably Chrisitan belief weather faith based or not, even be considered?

    Thirdly, you are correct in saying that evolution is not fact but is rather a scientific theory, but as with all things in science nothing can or will ever be totally certin. A hypothesis is tested through trial and error and thus theorys are developed and encorperated into the scientific body of knowledge, however, no theory is ever 100%. The reason evolution is taught in schools is because it is the theory with the most overwhelming amount of quantatative and qualitative evidence to support its findings. If ID were to have evidence which supports the idea that life is to complex to have developed on its own, with explanations as to why this is so and what could have created life then it would be acceptable to teach. However, seeing as how evolution is the only theory to have scientific explanations of life it is thus the accepted and taught theory.

  7. nikkiee says:

    RAmen Burger
    However Darwin’s “Origin of the species” produced the evolution theory. Evolution is the process which has been observed to follow evolutionary theory.

  8. Mad John Kidd says:

    nikkiee…just to be nitpicky


    If memory serves me, I don’t believe that Charles Darwin actually used the word ‘evolution’ in “Origin of Species”. He referred to the process of ‘natural selection’. His grandfather was actually credited with coining the word ‘evolution’. Evolutionary theory has since evolved beyond simple Darwinism as things like genetics and a more extensive fossil record came to light.

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