you have completely pissed us off

Published October 23rd, 2006 by Bobby Henderson

Please do not take any offensive “hate mail” written by Christians as an example of Christianity. We are not very good Christians; we who use words of hate. You must understand, however, that you have completely pissed us off. This site is just stupid. The concept is stupid. I can give you evidence against evolution if you so desire.

I do sort of agree that ID should not be taught in schools, but neither should evolution. It is wrong that evolution, classified as SCIENTIFIC THEORY, is taught as a fact. Teaching evolution in schools is just as offensive to us as teaching ID in schools is to you. We are all people.

The majority of Christians do not want to press our beliefs upon anybody else. The same cannot be said for scientists, it appears. Plus, while Christians want to bring wayward people to God for the wayward people’s sake, scientists want to study and elaborate on evolution because they think they can discover something wonderful and get rich off of it. So, there is still a difference between the two sides.

I think this whole fight is futile. It is written that God’s children will be hated by all, and I can see that’s the way it’s going. Everybody hates Christians…

-Yet Another Christian

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  1. James says:

    Creationism = complete and utter lack of factual, observable evidence. Evolution = observable evidence supporting theory. Most of the things taught in science classrooms are not COMPLETE AND FACTUAL but rather have certain facts backing them up. Evolution is not an answer to the origin of life, but rather an answer to the diversity of life currently here. The fact that you keep pushing that evolution should be taken out is retarded at best. Evolution has observable evidence based on a hypothesis and testing. Creationism has a hypothesis, but no means of testing or obtaining data to support this. Therefore evolution is taught, and creationism isn’t. End of story.

  2. Kamni says:

    It’s true that many of the people who teach science in our schools lack the experience with science to adequately teach “scientific theory”. It’s also true that many of the textbooks provided to schools contain out-of-date and scientifically unsound principles (some contain errors regarding evolution that were disproven a century ago). Unfortuantely, that problem will only be remedied when we get better funding in schools.

    Until then, we’ve got to educate all the people who came out of school that evolution is “just a theory”…but we also need to teach exactly what “just a theory” means.

    Actually, gravity is considered by the scientific community to be “just a theory”. So is how electricity works.

    A theory isn’t something that’s just thrown out there when someone thinks it’s a great idea. It’s not something that has yet to find any evidence. It’s something that has been tested or studied in one way or another by countless scientists who have all come to the same conclusion.

    I used to be a big proponet of ID (heck, let’s just say it: I was a literalist young-earth 7-day creationist, and proud of it at the time). I thought that by reading non-creationist scientific literature, I could poke holes in it very easily based on creationist writings. What I found was that many “creation scientists” were disputing things that had already been disproven by the mainstream scientific community. Many of the things I saw from creationists were based on an incomplete understanding of scientific principles.

    I don’t think creationists are stupid — I was quite intelligent as a creationist — but I was misinformed. I didn’t have the whole picture. I recommend to all creationists on the list to start reading non-creationist views on evolution (make sure you read things published by respected mainstream scientists that are CURRENT). Even if it doesn’t change your mind, you’ll have more cannon fodder when dealing with evolution proponents.

  3. Kamni says:

    One more comment: as a Christian, I used to go onto non-Christian forums and post a Christian opinion. Now that I’m not, I know better. You would find it very rude if one of the people from this site went into a Christian forum and started talking about how Christians should accept the Flying Spaghetti Monster. It’s rude, so stop.

  4. nyx says:

    Evolution IS taught as a theory, and damn near everything in science is a theory. Things like gravity, which you said are “scientifically proven facts,” are still considered THEORIES. They just have observable evidence backing them up, just as evolution has observable evidence backing it up.
    Show me evidence for creationism that is on the same level as the evidence for evolution, and then I’ll listen. Until then, keep your obnoxious little trap shut.
    “I came to this site and contributed because I feel you want answers.”
    Then come back when you actually have some.

  5. nikkiee says:

    Well spoken, intelligent and an example of basic common decency.

  6. Biscuit says:

    “I understand scientific method. I also understand that scientific method is a man-made thing. We can’t always trust what we create.” – Seth

    God is also man-made, don’t trust him.

  7. Adam H says:

    Whoever Claire was she clearly did not read the post 4 up from hers which clearly states that evolution is not taught as a fact and the course constantly uses the word theory.

    Oh, and to all you offended christians your beliefs are taught in schools too (its called religious education or RE for short (just for you uneducated folk out there). However your subject is also taught in churches therefore your subject is taught more than ours so surely it is scientists/ pastafarians who should be offended by the unequal amount of time given to our subjects.

    Religion is for Holy Buildings (churches, Mosks etc) and fact/logic is for school

  8. Fluffy Bunny says:

    Maybe the world needs to lighten up a bit, and learn how to have a good time, and execpt that there are some things that we will never be able to explain. Nobody’s right, nobody has any brillant anwser, so have fun and enjoy the sort sweet ride.

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