you have completely pissed us off

Published October 23rd, 2006 by Bobby Henderson

Please do not take any offensive “hate mail” written by Christians as an example of Christianity. We are not very good Christians; we who use words of hate. You must understand, however, that you have completely pissed us off. This site is just stupid. The concept is stupid. I can give you evidence against evolution if you so desire.

I do sort of agree that ID should not be taught in schools, but neither should evolution. It is wrong that evolution, classified as SCIENTIFIC THEORY, is taught as a fact. Teaching evolution in schools is just as offensive to us as teaching ID in schools is to you. We are all people.

The majority of Christians do not want to press our beliefs upon anybody else. The same cannot be said for scientists, it appears. Plus, while Christians want to bring wayward people to God for the wayward people’s sake, scientists want to study and elaborate on evolution because they think they can discover something wonderful and get rich off of it. So, there is still a difference between the two sides.

I think this whole fight is futile. It is written that God’s children will be hated by all, and I can see that’s the way it’s going. Everybody hates Christians…

-Yet Another Christian

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  1. Dan says:

    Oh that’s rich! Yet another creationist complaining about being ridiculed for obnoxious stupidity, then demonstrating still more stupidity. When will they learn that we know more about the mechanisms behind evolution than we know how gravity works?

  2. Seth says:

    Well, for starters, don’t you think that the possibility of one cell getting together with another cell and another and another and so on to create a functioning being is kind of slim? Especially when two separate masses of cells form fully functioning reproductive systems when they really have no way of communicating and no reasong to reproduce such a large mass of cells? How do these cells know to come together in the right places to create organs such as the heart or even the brain? How can a bunch of cells produce electrical pulses throughout the body to control muscles and create thought? What reason do they have for this? How can they possibly form such an intelligent design, one so intricate and complex that even we can’t possibly hope to know everything about? Ask me questions and I’ll answer them, but first, please answer mine. I think we can have a nice volly going on here.

  3. Seth says:

    “Excellent Idea “Yet another christian”, I agree we should abolish science completely from the class rooms. We should also get rid of math and history aswell!!!”

    Scientific theory is not fact and should not be taught as such. What I want to see is evolution not being taught as fact. I want to see it being taught, if it as taught at all, as theory.

    Teachers are not scientists. Why bring them into this when I said nothing against them at all? It is not up to teachers to write their own textbooks.

    Let me set one thing straight. Scientific things such as gravity, electricity, nuclear technology have all been proven. You can show me those right now and I will believe they exist. What you can’t show me is evolution on a fast scale. I want to see it now, if you have it. If you can put a prehistoric worm into a cage and increase the speed of whatever process you believe evolution occurs in and change it into a much more superior being throught natural processes, I will believe that evolution exists. Please understand what I mean when I say evolution is a theory. I mean it is purely theory and nothing more. It is not proven.

    “I have THEORY. My THEORY is this: If I drop a book, it will fall to the ground.
    Let me test this…. yep, it fell to the ground. Great THEORY!

    I love how your theory is based on scientifically proven facts. Way to go with the insult, there.

    “Smugly calling something a THEORY like it’s some sort of derogatory statement only proves your own ignorance.”

    Either that, or it shows that I await full blown evidence that evolution exists.

    “If you really want to pick on a THEORY that lacks evidence, take an honest look at your God. I doiubt you will, but I can hope.”

    I did that a long time ago and whaddaya know? I’m still Christian.

    “Bekah, the point is the ID/creationist folk don’t understand what “theory” means, they don’t understand the scientific method. That is the point of this website.”

    I understand scientific method. I also understand that scientific method is a man-made thing. We can’t always trust what we create.

  4. Seth says:

    “We are not hacking into a Christian site and spreading blasphamy! You have come to this site thrown in your unintelligent two cents worth, WHY?”

    Almost forgot. I know you’re not hacking into a Christian site. I never said you were. I came to this site and contributed because I feel you want answers. Or maybe just an argument. I know this is supposed to be a joke.

  5. Seth says:

    “If the above doesn’t seem too appealing, quit whining and catch up with the rest of your species, and stop being so damn lazy; apparently, a lot of humans think it’s perfectly OK to absorb the benefits of science, without having to do it any respect. I say enough; if someone walks into hospital and admits to any religion whilst seeking treatment, they should be shown the damn door.”

    I respect science. I respect the fact that humans are looking for answers. That’s better than nothing. And yes, if an epidemic were to spread throughout the country, we religious people SHOULD be kicked out of hospitals! After all, we’re not human. We’re just jumbles of text on a screen, or sacks of meat that walk around hitting everybody we know (and don’t know) with Bibles.

  6. Seth says:

    “Both evolution and the creation story are taught in schools.”

    I’d like to know, too. That’s pretty rare.

    “Poor, poor Christianity! I don’t hate Christians, pre se. What I hate is Christians imposing Christianity, or even the idea of a non-denominational Creator, on myself or my children. Keep your beliefs out of my childrens’ science education, and I will keep my religion out of your theology curricula. Psych!”

    I don’t see where my beliefs are being taught in your children’s science classes. If they are, that’s something you should bring up with their teacher(s). If they teach creationism as fact, then they are obviously not fit to teach in a public school. But neither is a teacher who teaches evolution as fact. The same goes with textbooks that present it that way.

  7. Seth says:

    On a note, I DO believe in microevolution, or adaption.

  8. LostWookiee says:

    I can’t believe there are so many people who believe in creationism. It is a silly story… Why do some people believe the misinterperted fiction of pre first century man even comes close to pertaining to us today… and what’s so wrong with evolution? Dosn’t it seem funny people talk about theory as if it is not tested. The fact is a theory needs a great ammount of evidence to back it up to even be called a theory, and the only thing holding evolution back from being called a fact is the ignorant masses of people who believe in stories that are just to stupid for words. Creationism can’t even be called theory, because there is absolutly no evidence, other than the the ranting pontifications of crazy, self-absorbed, “benovolent”, sheep and bad people.

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