UC Davis Pastafarians

Published October 1st, 2006 by Bobby Henderson

On Sept 19th, a good portion of UC Davis was introduced to the Pastafarian faith. These are the photos of the event.

Thanks very much to Ray and Mario for Spreading the Word.  Ray’s description follows:

100_0717.jpg At the ready, with Gospel in hand.

100_0718.jpg Looking for potential pastafarians.

100_0719.jpg Still looking …

100_0720.jpg Our poster board.

100_0721.jpg Walking away from a failed conversation.

100_0722.jpg Catching up with this guy.

100_0723.jpg This guy was just touched by His noodly appendage.

100_0724.jpg This dude wanted nothing to do with me, but his girlfriend made him stay.

100_0725.jpg Looking over there…

100_0726.jpg These guys were just as confused about our faith, as they were about my attire.

100_0727.jpg Looking for another convert.

24 Responses to “UC Davis Pastafarians”

  1. saulon says:

    the way of your stance in the 2nd to last picture distrubs me. did you make it to the commode in time?

  2. puffaliaz says:


  3. puffaliaz says:

    oh. the pictures. i was just following topics. didn’t know which one this was. ignore this and the last reply.

  4. Al Bacteria says:

    Har, Har, your booty shivers me timbers bob

  5. ayergo says:

    I have some pictures from another Pastafarian party here in Davis. We even had a (root) Beer volcano! Everyone dressed as pirates to help stop global warming too.

    Where can I send the pictures?

  6. henderob says:

    Hey ayergo, you can email them to me at [email protected] . Thanks

  7. Smash says:

    Have you tried that California Tequila?

  8. jameskpolka says:

    i think uc davis invented the tasteless machine-pickable tomato.

    a theologian will have to comment on the relationship between tasteless firm tomatoes and spaghetti.

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