UC Davis Pastafarians

Published October 1st, 2006 by Bobby Henderson

On Sept 19th, a good portion of UC Davis was introduced to the Pastafarian faith. These are the photos of the event.

Thanks very much to Ray and Mario for Spreading the Word.  Ray’s description follows:

100_0717.jpg At the ready, with Gospel in hand.

100_0718.jpg Looking for potential pastafarians.

100_0719.jpg Still looking …

100_0720.jpg Our poster board.

100_0721.jpg Walking away from a failed conversation.

100_0722.jpg Catching up with this guy.

100_0723.jpg This guy was just touched by His noodly appendage.

100_0724.jpg This dude wanted nothing to do with me, but his girlfriend made him stay.

100_0725.jpg Looking over there…

100_0726.jpg These guys were just as confused about our faith, as they were about my attire.

100_0727.jpg Looking for another convert.

24 Responses to “UC Davis Pastafarians”

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  1. pastaman says:

    First things first: I’m first!(always wanted to do that °u°)
    Now with the things that really matters: an eyepatch must be black or can i leave it on white?

  2. Al Bacteria says:

    Why dont you try to spread the faith in asia? and btw, do pasatrfarians exist in large nos. only in the usa?

  3. Go Ags! says:

    Ah, it warms the cockles to see that my alma mater remains forward thinking…

  4. Leon says:

    Brother Ray and Brother Mario.

    Good work

  5. puffaliaz says:

    another true saint amongst us.

  6. puffaliaz says:

    pastafarian saints, that is ;D

  7. Al Bacteria says:

    Har Har, we aint gonna sit here are we? Let us got and spread the faith

  8. Fred Waters says:

    FSM was mentioned by Richard Dawkins (Ph.D.)when he was interview by Jeremy Paxman on Newsnight Book Club (BBC, 22SEP06)about his book The God Delusion.

    Paxman: I was struck by one sentence in your book, in the middle of it, “God almost certainly does not exist”. You are leaving open the possibility that he does.

    Dawkins: Of course, any scientist will leave open that possibility. You can’t absolutely disprove the existance of anything. Just as we can’t disprove the existance of Bobby Henderson’s The Flying Speghetti Monster. We can’t be dogmatic and say for for certain God doesn’t exist, but it is just as unlikely as Thor with his hammer.

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