Was the world created by god, evolution or pasta?

Published October 5th, 2006 by Bobby Henderson


Simon Singh reviews The Gospel of the Flying Spaghetti Monster by Bobby Henderson.

The popularity of Intelligent Design over the past decade has been profoundly depressing for anybody who cares about science and rational thought. Supporters claim that some aspects of nature are so complicated that they cannot be explained by evolution, and therefore they conclude the existence of an entity who must have designed living beings. Although the criticisms of evolution are generally flawed and exaggerated, Intelligent Design is being taken seriously by many educationalists.

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  1. Leslie Gaarder says:

    how do i convert to the church of the flying spaghetti monster? i wanna be a pastaverian

  2. Stevee says:

    Belive brother just belive in his noodly appendage.


  3. nikkiee says:

    James in Germany
    You say
    “….But this is beside the point. With some effort I could rewrite this report and speculate how these changes took place with ID as the driving force……”
    I doubt it . You would probably need, in your own words, to use:
    “…….Lots of big potentially intimidating words in a report on gene sharing….”
    BTW Which bits of the report did you pick out to read. Was it a primary research paper or a review. If it was a primary paper, did you understand the experimental method and the results section?
    However if you rewrite that report (we call that plagerism) and produce such a thesis on ID which could not be refuted, maybe you could get nominated for a nobel. You will need to get used to those “big potentially intimidating words” as well as becoming familar with a lot of Darwinian and Mendelian (to name JUST two) terminology.
    I am afraid I just can’t play with you anymore James until you have a more basic understanding of what you are trying to say.
    Oh great carbohydrate, maintainer of life energy, I deliver myself back unto your noodle.

  4. nikkiee says:

    @Leslie Gaarder

    “how do i convert to the church of the flying spaghetti monster? i wanna be a pastaverian’
    I believe you already have and already are. :)
    ps Spelt “pastafarian” Its good to the name right, other wise you may draw fire from the pirate cannons.

  5. Marcus Marinara says:

    “I guess I need to put my quote in context. How? Hmm. Maybe, this helps. Something did happen, or it did not happen. There is a god, or there is not a god. The Steelers lost again (SHIT! That truth hurts!(Me at least.)). We have been visited by aliens, or we have not been visited by aliens. No matter which of these options are true, then they are true, and the other then false(unless of course there such things like parallel universes–another debate?). Regardless of an individuals perception or reflection.”
    Ah, you are talking about ABSOLUTES. When you find one, let me know. I am ABSOLUTELY typing this. Or maybe not. Maybe someone else is using my username, maybe it is me but I am in a different mindset than yesterday. It MOST LIKELY is me. There are certain experiments and tests we can perform to determine it is me, but you will never be ABSOLUTELY sure it is me. Does this make sense to you? This is the basis behind science.

  6. Obscurans says:

    Same old argument by me: that science is so because it can *predict* outcomes using its own theories. Do that with ID and if I don’t XD and ROTFLMFAO at your attempt correct me.

    See? We know that because there aren’t enough noodly appendages, so as the population of the earth increases, people get taller. And it’s proven. All hail the flying spagetti monster!

  7. Chap says:

    I think that maybe we should all calm down. These infidels are obviously idiots that have not experienced the Bible. If they did, they would have not have created this, eh, interesting, website. LONG LIVE THE QUEEN

  8. Chap says:

    aw bloody hell………
    why can’t we all get together and have a spaghetti dinner…
    I know where we can all get teh spaghetti, if you get my drift….. long live the queen

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