Was the world created by god, evolution or pasta?

Published October 5th, 2006 by Bobby Henderson


Simon Singh reviews The Gospel of the Flying Spaghetti Monster by Bobby Henderson.

The popularity of Intelligent Design over the past decade has been profoundly depressing for anybody who cares about science and rational thought. Supporters claim that some aspects of nature are so complicated that they cannot be explained by evolution, and therefore they conclude the existence of an entity who must have designed living beings. Although the criticisms of evolution are generally flawed and exaggerated, Intelligent Design is being taken seriously by many educationalists.

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345 Responses to “Was the world created by god, evolution or pasta?”

  1. J says:

    Ms Bay. If that is the stupidest bullshit you have ever heard of, you:
    (a) are operating on a different definition of bullshit than anyone I’ve ever met
    (b) should take a look at the Hate-Mail.

  2. gill says:

    Sara– I do believe in god. Just not yours. ;)

  3. meegan says:

    pasta wheels

  4. SaucyWench says:

    Good question, Sara. Top Ten Reasons Why I Can’t Just Believe in God:

    10. I think wings would make my butt look big.

    9. I spent way too many Sunday mornings hung over and broke to ever be able to make it to church regularly.

    8. Trent says God is a lie.

    7. I’d have to stop telling my favorite dyslexia joke (What do agnostic, dyslexic, insomniacs do all night? They stay awake wondering whether or not there really is a dog.) *Apologies in advance to any dyslexics, insomniacs, agnostics, or Gods who may have been ofended.

    6. Two Words: Beer Volcano

    5. If I do decide to believe in God, I’ll do it because I want to and not because you told me I had to.

    4. I’m way too busy trying to be a good person and lead a meaningful life.

    3. Three Words: Tammy Faye Baker

    2. God came to me in a dream and told me he didn’t exist, and then he turned into a Galapagos iguana and dove into the ocean.

    1. I can’t possibly believe in the same God that Rush Limbaugh does.

  5. Fr. Corpus Callosum says:

    Whao! God is an iguana? Cool. Where did his marinara sauce go?
    Sara: There is one God and Bobby Henderson is his prophet.

  6. B says:

    Ms.Bay. Picture an being of infinite person of love and passion…. You can’t. Your mind (and mine) is too small.

    Now, go to the kitchen and grab some Pasta, throw it across the room. Enter our god….

  7. Webs says:

    Just wanted to let you know I am a huge fan. And new for that matter. Please keep up the great work. Oh and if you come to Central Illinois to promote drop me a line. :P

  8. Capitalistdemon says:

    I have been converted! Yay, Pastafarianism! Yay Pirates! Yay, Noodly Appendages!

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