Salon.com Richard Dawkins Interview

Published October 15th, 2006 by Bobby Henderson


Salon.com has an interesting interview with Richard Dawkins titled The Flying Spaghetti Monster.

In the roiling debate between science and religion, it would be hard to exaggerate the enormous influence of Richard Dawkins. The British scientist is religion’s chief prosecutor — “Darwin’s rottweiler,” as one magazine called him — and quite likely the world’s most famous atheist. Speaking to the American Humanist Association, Dawkins once said, “I think a case can be made that faith is one of the world’s great evils, comparable to the smallpox virus but harder to eradicate.”

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  1. One Eyed Jack says:

    Darwin’s rottweiler… now that is a name to be proud of. I like it!
    I think Dawkins is overdue for cannonization (spelling error intentional). Perhaps he could be our first living saint?

  2. spider says:

    i’ll not be having saints on this here pirate ship, maybe commodores?

  3. CMD-Z says:

    Should those supporting evolution in schools be pulling any punches?
    From Salon :”surprisingly, some intelligent design advocates have actually welcomed Dawkins’ attacks. William Dembski, for instance, says his inflammatory rhetoric helps the ID cause by making evolution sound un-Christian.”
    ID supporters seem to go with their uninformed gut and are quick to demonize (for the want of a better word) evolution in schools.
    Do evolution supporters need to be tactical? Or will hard logic speak for itself?

  4. Not Me says:

    This guy is my hero…

    My mentor if you will.

  5. nikkiee says:

    Am in awe of Darwin. Love rottweilers. You rule Richard. May his noodles protect you wherever you go.

  6. nikkiee says:

    How about a likeness of Sir Richard for the masthead on the pirate ship?

  7. NowtheworldhasMeaning says:

    Darwins Rottweiler, Damn him my quest to be the worlds greatest Atheist has taken a step back I am going to have to get myself Excommunication to top that one!!!

    Guys any tips on how one goes about getting one’s self excommunicated?

    Joking aside, Richard Dawkins is a great man And we need more like him.

  8. anon says:

    Here are just two examples of Churches targeting young people.
    Church groups seem to be getting quite clever at taking federal tax
    dollars to proselytize Jesus in Public Schools:
    .(emphasis added)
    BBC This World: American Virgins Tx Date: 25th January 2004
    REID CARPENTER Silver Ring Thing Consultant
    Without JESUS, this is a, this thing is a failure. Weve got
    to keep on attacking it, weve got to GO INTO SCHOOLS and
    weve got to be cool and weve got to be *careful* but at the
    end of the day the Christian church has got to get radical
    about the fact that Jesus Christ can make it in the world
    of herpes.
    Reid Carpenter
    You can do something tonight but I can tell you we need
    prayer and we need volunteerism. WE NEED MONEY.
    Windows like this dont come along every day and Im not
    here to advocate, well I better not say that. But I think
    we’ve got people in GOVERNMENT right now who get it and
    understand it and believe in the transforming power of
    Christ and are now willing to put MONEY where their
    mouth is and we’re getting some of it. Ok everybody,
    thank you very much for coming tonight.
    10.57.51 Applause
    10.57.54 End Music
    10.58.35 Voice over: Have your say on tonights show and explore a world of
    extra information, news stories and features by visiting our web site at:
    © BBC
    The BBC has the courage to show these Church groups for what they are
    – not that there is anything wrong with that…
    That’s all well and good, but what do you do when the teachers
    turn away from love and respect and begin teaching militant aggression?
    Here at Jesus Camp the are teaching children to follow
    a quasi-Military Christian Crusader flag,
    with full combat camouflage face paint, singing & beating sticks together.
    Nothing says ‘God’s Love’ like working the kids into a fever of screaming to die for Jesus, until they fall down in seizures, and start crying.
    Unenlightened minds would see such faith tactics as psychological abuse, but they are non-believers.
    It is much simpler to keep Science and the Scientific Method in the classroom,
    teaching Reason and Logic, than drag the children into faith based power struggles to instruct them in various gods and belief systems.
    Schools could Put Mythology in the Social Studies Class – Teach all the big Mythologies,
    FSM, Egyptian, Norse, South American, Native American, Greek, Roman, Pacific Islander, Zoroastrianism, Hindu, Celtic, Christian, Hebrew, Islam, etc. etc. Dozens of religions to talk about, thousands of gods to discuss – very educational towards the truth of religion.
    Great DVDs and Texts for teaching Mythology are available from PBS:

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