sadly pathetic

Published October 22nd, 2006 by Bobby Henderson

I found this hate-comment left in response to the fsm protest in london post:

Not a religious message, but just a comment on how truly, astoundingly, sadly pathetic you are. If you’ve got a problem with creationism, then why not attack it in a vaguely sensible way, with intellectual criticism? All you’re doing is offending people, and providing money for a guy who can’t be bothered getting off his arse to get a job, so comes up with this instead. Just pathetic.

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  1. It's a pirates life for me says:

    Enjoy accuiring your penny stacks my noodly grateness,
    for that is the pirate way, arrgh,
    well done for giving us ‘pathtic’ pirate’s a voice,
    the wold will soon feel the fsm’s wrath, hardy har har,
    ta ta for now me harty sea dogs,

    three cheers for the great noodly appendage,

    Hip hip, Her-aghh,
    Hip hip, Her-aghh,
    Hip hip, Her-aghh,

  2. It's a pirates life for me says:

    p.s I agree me hartys,
    Without motion my life would of been motionless,

    Bring on those FSM bobble heads,
    I’ll have a shipload… and I’ll capture the vessel that brings them in the name of pirates everywhere, arrgh

  3. Uomo Felice Della Pasta says:

    Berk said:
    “Plus, seeing how the God in the new testament was much more forgiving than the God of the Old Testament, I’m sure your Christian God, who’s nothing more than a rip-off of Zeus and Ra, is laughing at this whole thing himself and thinks it is great.”

    I have a theory; maybe the Christian God got pissed. For a good few years he was all “Look back and I’ll turn you into salt”, and now he’s saying “Here have my son. Even better Kill Him! That way you can all come into heaven as long as you’re sorry…”

    One day he’ll sober up and start saying “You’re a gay Jew? No you’re a gay Christian? Christian? That’s not a religion, this keeps getting better… Jesus come and listen to this… Jesus?”

    Then he’ll be really pissed. In an angry way, not a drunken way.

  4. It's a pirates life for me says:

    i see, i see, says i, says ee,
    ee see’s, i see, ee see’s the sea,
    the sea sees i and the sea see ee,
    and the flying spagheetti monster see’s all!!!

  5. One Eyed Jack says:

    Do not drink and post.

  6. The Aussie says:

    “Do not drink and post.”
    Awww… that takes all the fun out of it :(
    Btw, as an aside, I highly recommend arguing with a christian missionary on a bellyfull of beer.
    Imbibing the sacred liquid gives you unheard of stamina, an immunity to the mind numbing tedium of their argument, and an appreciative audience (or at least a bunch of people who like to laugh at the loud drunk man).

  7. It's a pirates life for me says:

    eat drink and be merry my hearty seadogs,

  8. It's a pirates life for me says:

    pasta,rum and a sturdy vessle ….. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

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