Richard Dawkins

Published October 4th, 2006 by Bobby Henderson

World-famous science author Professor Richard Dawkins, during an interview about his new book The God Delusion, mentions the Flying Spaghetti Monster. (Around 1:50).


It seems that he’s saying the existence of the Christian God is as likely as the existence of the Flying Spaghetti Monster, and that you can’t disprove either. Perhaps he’s not aware of the evidence we’ve gathered in support of the existence of the FSM, and all the academic endorsements, etc. Or, maybe he’s tentative about revealing his true faith, Pastafarianism.

*update* – I Just found an interesting comment:

Regarding your suspicion of Dawkins’ closet Pastafarianism. I quote from The God Delusion, p53:

“I am delighted to see that The Gospel of the Flying Spaghetti Monster has now been published as a book, to great acclaim. I haven’t read it myself, but who needs to read a gospel when you just *know* it’s true?”

I’d say that’s evidence for Dawkins’ Pastafarianism at least as strong as the Global Temperature/Pirates correlation, wouldn’t you?

*update 2* – Further evidence of Richard Dawkins’ Pastafarian beliefs: On today’s NPR Science Friday radio show, Professor Dawkins again mentions the Flying Spaghetti Monster. Link to the radio show.

Here’s another good video of Richard Dawkins.


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  1. J says:

    Hey, all,
    Richard Dawkins mentioned FSM again, on ‘The Colbert Report’. Here’s a link to the video, hosted at the Richard Dawkins Foundation site:
    Pastafarianism seems to be one of the central and ongoing struts of Richard’s one-man mission to stop everyone being so silly. Congratulations, Prophet Henderson!

  2. The Aussie says:

    Hey J, love your posts, but be nice to lemmings…
    They aren’t the stupoid (:P love that typo) little suicidal furballs everyone thinks.
    Indeed, lemmings are actually extremely good swimmers. Sort of like scaled down pirates really, only not as furry.

  3. J says:

    The Aussie,
    Oh, rats. Fallen into the old ‘using hearsay metaphors without checking facts’ trap. Will put in a few hours with the Cat o’ Nine Noodles as penance.
    (Pre-emptive apologies if I’ve misrepresented rats or cats in this post…)

  4. RB Bonzo says:

    Richard Dawkins mentioned FSM on The Colbert Report last night –

    “There is no Flying Spaghetti Monster, there is no (long list of mythological or pagan gods), and there is no god.”

  5. Christian says:

    It surprises me a little that One Eyed Jack has chastised the writer of a web-site about Mithraism and Christianity for making unsubstantiated claims, but no-one seems to have questioned whether KingOfRedLions claims about Paul being a Mithraist can be substantiated. I’m not criticising KingOfRedLions for making unsubstantiated claims, just noting a certain imbalance regarding which claims are being challenged.
    I’d like to know a little more about this perspective on Paul before I consider it a serious challenge to Christianity. I wonder if anyone could answer the following questions for me. Who are the main proponents of this view? And roughly what proportion of NT scholars have accepted this view?
    Incidentally, the Wikipedia article on Paul of Tarsus mentions a range of scholarly and alternative views about Paul. Mithraism doesn’t get a mention.
    While I’m making requests, can someone please provide a source for the claim that the testimony of a single eyewitness does not stand up in court? It would surprise me if this were a universally accepted rule in court proceedings. I would expect such judgments to depend on the nature of the testimony, the character of the witness, whether the witness has any personal interest in the case etc.
    Finally, I’m sorry J if my list of questions was overwhelming. I was trying to emphasize the large extent to which reasoning relies on personal judgments that are heuristic rather than procedural.

  6. nikkiee says:

    The God Delusion
    “If this book doesn’t change the world — we’re all screwed.”
    (Penn & Teller)
    #1 on Amazon.co.uk!
    #1 on Amazon.ca!
    #3 on Amazon.com (and climbing)!
    Yay Richard :) :) :)

    ……..While I’m making requests, can someone please provide a source for the claim that the testimony of a single eyewitness does not stand up in court?………

    Kinda depends on the integrety of the witness and also on the defense and prosecution legal minds and how they present the case.

  7. nikkiee says:

    Oh….and while I am not a lawyer, I think evidence may come into it somewhere?

  8. Christian says:

    It sounds like you also think that the testimony of one eyewitness could stand up in a court of law, depending on the circumstances. Can anyone with some legal knowledge confirm this?

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