Please tell me this is all a huge joke

Published October 22nd, 2006 by Bobby Henderson

Please tell me this is all a huge joke.You cant realy believe that a huge thing of spaghetti created everything.If you realy do believe this then you’re all idiots and I’ll pray for you.

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  1. i changed my name ok says:

    wait hahaha sorry one more comment @gill…mycology is scientist who study fungi? architecture…or shrooms…..hmmmm ahhh the choices…crap sorry i made fun…thats all yes thank you i typed this fast bad grammer blah blah im out.

  2. gill says:

    “@gill…mycology is scientist who study fungi? architecture…or shrooms…..hmmmm ahhh the choices…”……….Uh…….if anyone understands this, please let me know.

    @TRIX– Yah, actually I think there’re several non-athiest supports of the holy FSM lurking around here besides you ‘n me. Frankly, it doesn’t matter WHAT you are, if you’ve got a sence of humor and an open mind this site shouldn’t bother you at all. (I mean….how can you not find this awsome?!)

  3. moochie says:

    @i changed my name ok : “this is my first and only day on this place, and have found it a waste of my energy”.

    On the contrary .. within the space of a few posts you have dropped your aggressive intolerence, improved your spelling and grammar significantly, and even shown the ability to see both sides of an argument (“Please do not make fun of this comment, it would be so immature. Whatever go ahead, make youself feel good”). Just shows what hanging around with a few grown-ups for a bit can achieve. Plus, of course, the subversive power of the Noodly one, corroding your faith without you even being aware of it. Muwahahaha!

  4. Athiest Grant says:

    Oh i see. because a spaghetti monster would be stupid, especially when you compare it to the rational idea of a superior all knowing being. I now understand everything.

  5. All Religions are parodys says:

    @ spaghettitasteslikeshit

    You claim none of us have a life yet you seem to enjoy comming on here and trying to make everyone pissed off? which is pointless as we’re all good humoured people who just laugh it off

    as for your comments about Mithra, Mithra DID predate Christianity, by a good few hundred years infact, and you failed to comment on the Egyptian Man-God Horus, who predated Mithra by a few thousand years!!!

    and assuming we are all unsuccesful loners when all youv done is read a blog about Holy Pasta is a random assumption dont u think?

    im not going to bore anyone with the details of my life (coz lets face it its the internet, i could say im a russian billionare who owns a spanish football team and how would you know?!…… not tho lol) but i lead an exciting, fulfilling life that i enjoy and websites like this always give me a chuckle :-)

  6. All Religions are parodys says:

    @ spaghettitasteslikeshit

    oh and Christiany IS a religion, what a stupid thing to say that its not, you claim educated people know Christianty is not a relgion, well educate us……explain your mad theory………..

    and dont say its a cult because all religions are technically just large better known cults anyway

  7. Just Guess says:

    My big beef with Xtianity is that they keep preaching at me. It’s always Jebus loves you this and you’re going to burn in eternal torment that. I don’t give a damn, so why won’t they stop.
    And why are a bunch of cannibals who worship a zombie preaching about morality anyway? Isn’t that kind of hypocritical?

  8. All Religions are parodys says:

    @ gill

    “I mean….how can you not find this awsome?!”

    totally agreed! most sensible post on herefor a while :-)
    All hail his noodliness

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