Please tell me this is all a huge joke

Published October 22nd, 2006 by Bobby Henderson

Please tell me this is all a huge joke.You cant realy believe that a huge thing of spaghetti created everything.If you realy do believe this then you’re all idiots and I’ll pray for you.

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  1. spaghettitasteslikeshit says:

    and yes i admit, i shouldnt have said “tastes like shit” in my title…i should have seen the jokes coming but i didnt know people still refer to 90’s happy gilmore jokes…i thought people grew up…meh…i dunno how i stumbled across this site…i never go on these things i just find it wicked making people squirm…this is all in good humour guys…man

  2. gill says:

    ” im studying scriptwriting and directing at sheridan…if you know what that is, the second largest art school in N.A…” Wow, talk about low standards. If a person of your evident intelligence leval can get in to a good school, then I’m certainly not going to worry about MY chances! (By the way: we’re not pissed off. ‘least, I’m not. This is fun.)

  3. i changed my name ok says:

    sheridan is honestly an amazing school with actually very high standards in the arts program…the best in the country…i dont consider myself a brainer, i am very fortunate to be where i am and i worked very hard to get here…but in all honesty, i am a christian, i dont hate or judge atheists and non-christians or anyone like that…i just find it frustrating how so many people can pick apart a group of people 1/6th of the population of earth…there is no respect in the world these days, and i apologize for anything i may have said…i know this whole site is a joke…but come on…i bet the next comments after this will be offensive to me…all these christianity bashing stuff makes me sick…what did they do to deserve this, have hope in faith? go ahead and laugh it up boys…i just dont understand…most of my friends are non-christians and they understand my beliefs and whatnot…just explain where this all came from and ill leave and never reply

  4. TRIX says:

    By “eat up your ass” I meant your head. It’s stuck up your ass. And you eat shit, so I guess you do eat out of your ass. And how the hell did you get into college with that grammar. See how many jobs you’ll get right out of college. Scriptwriting? Directing? The biggest directors in hollywood don’t have directing, or cinematographic degrees. With architecture, I have a guaranteed job right out of college. But I might major in Computer Engineering or Mycology instead. You can take your college (that I’ve never heard of) and stick it, ’cause I don’t give a shit that you try to impress us with your useless degrees. Learn some grammar, and argue like a normal person.
    BTW, last time I met someone with a directing degree, they said, “would you like fries with that?”

  5. TRIX says:

    I looked up your college, not to shabby (I could do better), but as long as you can see that this site is a joke, we’re on the same level.
    BTW, I’m Anglican and Pastafarian. Best of both worlds, eh?

  6. gill says:

    “what did they do to deserve this” By ‘they’, I assume you mean the Christian fundies who are out to convert the world? See, I at least have no problem with your average everyday Christian. My two closest friends are both Catholic, actually. But the people you see on THIS site are too busy preaching eternal hellfire to be very enjoyable. So if you’re not a fundi, get over it because we’re not talking to you. (well, most of us aren’t, anyway.) If you ARE a fundie…then…..oh well, sucks for you.

  7. i changed my name ok says:

    What is with these people and thier grammar? TRIX you seem like a good guy I don’t mind you so much, and I am in no way a world-changer so I guess this doesn’t apply to me. I am although a believer, and in some ways it does offend me…I left my final message in the other blog this, this is my first and only day on this place, and have found it a waste of my energy. Please do not make fun of this comment, it would be so immature. Whatever go ahead, make youself feel good. That’s all.

  8. TRIX says:

    I’m a christian (anglican) and I also do Patafarianism.
    It would be so funny if in Deity Land, all gods that have been imagined are there, laughing and parting. Here’s how a conversation would go:
    God: Hey!! FSM! Long time, no see eh?
    FSM: Hell, yeah! Hey, lemme get you another beer *reaches into the beer volcano and pulls out a Labbat’s Godd*
    God: So, how’s bobby and the followers been? *opens the Godd with a bolt of lightning*
    FSM: Oh, nothin’ much, just showing the Fundies the path, really funny actually!
    God: Oh, Yeah! Heh, those fundies still don’t realize the bible was supposed to be a theological storybook, not a guide to life?
    FSM: Hells yeah?!
    God: HELLS YEAH!
    Zeus: Hey guys, how’s it goi–oof!! *punched in the gut*
    God: Get back to scrubbin’ the floors! No one’s worshiped you for centuries!
    FSM: Yeah, and tell Pandora not to open that damn box again, last time she created those fundies, this time, something worse will get out!
    God: something worse than fundies? Shit, that’s gotta be bad!
    FSM: Yeah. It’ll be Nazis. Ninja Nazis. With lasers.
    God: OH NOES!!!
    FSM: ZOMG! LOLOL!1!!
    God: Heh, we’ll I’ll see you later, bro.
    FSM: Yeah. Later. *walks over to budda*
    Budda: Hey, nice to see ya, old friend!

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