now i hate spaghetti

Published October 25th, 2006 by Bobby Henderson

now I hate spagetti. this site is not funny. not one bit.

-student of Giauque

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  1. Penne says:

    OK,stay with me here…If people who don’t beleive in the FSM hate spagetti, will that mean they’re going to go to the FSM’s form of hell? If so, would that be something like ”THE DAMED DIMENTION OF RICE”,where you just eat and eat and you think your full but then your hungry again like, 15 minutes later and so your doomed to keep eating rice for all eternity,without any tasty dipping sauces,may FSM have mercy on your soul kinda thing , or what? :0

  2. Penne says:

    -And scrub spaggetti pots.

  3. Penne says:

    With hard, dried cheese on them…..Stainless steel pots too,no T-Fal for the damed.

  4. Penne says:

    And what, pray tell,is a ‘young republican’ are these in charge of the anti-pasta netherworld? Do they have horns or other pointy appendages as well?

  5. Penne says:

    Not a word Cap’n Saucy

  6. Max Globs says:

    If you had read the Gospel, you would know that Hell is very much like heaven, only the beer is stale and the strippers all have VD

  7. Penne says:


  8. Penne says:

    So no rice? I suppose no cabbage rolls too,hey?

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